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Friday, January 21
What's Everyone Doing this Weekend?
I'll be riding at 7:30am from the shop tomorrow. Thinkin' of hittin Hall Ranch. It's been a while since I've been out there, believe it or not. 7:30 on a Sat sure feels early, but I've got to do that to get a ride in before the shop opens. I haven't got up that early on Sat since I used to watch Superfriends back in the day!

I think on Sunday, I'll either bust out the Paramount for a road ride, or I'll roll the Croll a few miles down the highway to a moderately ok place to ride, Rabbit Mt.

I was thinking about going up to Pinewood on Sunday for a ride, but I'm feeling a little banged up after last nights uber-technical night/ice ride mission.

What are y'alls plans?