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Sunday, January 30
Name this spot part II

Name the closest intersection and you will win a half pack of Giant Chewy Sweettarts! Posted by Hello
Blogger debaser said...
I'll guess you went sw from Lincoln to that little lake near Mary's parents place. Can't remember the name.

Then again, it could be anywhere and everywhere. gravel is gravel.

Blogger 3p0 said...
No dude, I think that is west on Pioneers, after it turns into gravel off the pavement,,

but I could be wrong,
I don't do gravel unless I'm really fucked up..
and it's been a long time sence then,

Plus I hate gravel.

wait. I'm fucked up now, mmmmm. old style

Blogger bdiddy said...

Blogger debaser said...
ah... behind pioneers back by the nunnery.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Well debaser and cvo are quessing the same location(56th and Pioneers is west of the Nunnery or whatever that's called). Which is close to where the picture was taken. The picture was taken at the intersection of 56th and Old Cheney facing West the road tee's at the end turn right go to Conastoga turn left go to Denton. I thought the ped crossing sign out in the middle of nowhere would jog some memories. You guys can split the sweet tarts!

Blogger debaser said...
He can have 'em. If it was Corn Nuts it would be a different story.

I used to ride out that way pretty often - whatever road it is south of Pioneers headed west. There was a little quary of some sort on the corner @sw56th.