stone cold lampin'
we like bikes!
Monday, July 30
I love it when a plan comes together.
Meet at WP in the am, send the moms into the woods with bikes and a map, watch the kids til lunch at Rudi's, and then head into the woods for some new trails and old favorites.

Sunday, July 29
I Love Me Some Winter Park Singletrack!

BG on Upper Ho Chi Minh, Winter Park, CO. 2007-07-29. mk
Saturday, July 28
Yer buggin' me maaaaan.........

This little guy tried to hitch a ride on the Jones bars during a stop at Centennial Cone last weekend. He's a mean looking sumbitch, but he flew off when I picked up my bike and we were on our way without confrontation...
Sunday, July 22
Mmm mmm mmm....
From this...

To this...

To this...and more! I like me some Centennial Cone singletrack...and so does Debasaer, don't let him tell you otherwise........

2007-07-22 - Centennial Cone, Golden, CO
Butch beat me up.
I shoulda known better than to bring my singlespeed to the ride today with Butch. He was showing me a new trail outside Golden that's perfect for one gear. If you happen to be fit, which I am not.

Wednesday, July 18
Denver to Breckenridge Road Ride...
My brother and I are hatching plans for a road ride from Denver to Breckenridge sometime in late August or early September. I'll try to post updates on the Stone Cold Lampin' if anyone is interested in joining us on this ride. I also plan to do at least one ride over Loveland Pass, possibly starting in Georgetown, sometime soon. Its been all dirt for me since moving to CO, but I'm starting to feel the itch to ride the skinny tire bike in the mountains.
Sunday, July 15
Deer Creek Sunday...

Yeah...Sunday morning ride.....

D'oh! Double flat.....
Saturday, July 14
Does this thing work?

I had to break the silence. Everyone must be going every direction these days. So few posts... Here's a shot of my brother climbing the upper section of Belcher Hill a couple weeks ago at White Ranch. Them flowers is purdy, but that climb is a beeyatch! Debaser says these lower rides are strictly off limits until the high alpine rides are snowed in, but I'm going to Deer Creek Canyon tomorrow morning...and if Debaser has a problem with it, he can take it up with S-house! Overandout....
Saturday, July 7
another banana seat

thanks for luring me into the banana seat topic, have you ever tried out a swing bike before ? How about a few brewskies and a swing bike....even more challenging.

Thursday, July 5
Firecracker 50
I miss the energy of racing. It started with the parade going down mainstreet with 800 other racers. YES.

I shamed Junior Kline with my slow second lap, but at least we didn't come in DFL. Good times, chilling with Butch and SDA, and the family, of course.

Tuesday, July 3
Mt CDT experience
Maybe 800 miles south of Chad, I was playing on the CDT too. We headed up to Rabbit Ears Pass just outside Steamboat so I could hit a ride I've been jonsing to ride for a very long time. Last year's attempt was rained out. This years attempt was pretty much perfect. The CDT ran right through the middle of the campground, and used a little of fs road 311. It's a gradual climb from camp past 4 high mountain lakes, followed by a technical juggernaut of a trail downhill right into Steamboat proper, past two good sized waterfalls. Most excellent ride. Unfortunatly Maysa caught a bit of a cold so we had to bail for home a day early. A day of rest before the Firecracker 50.

Monday, July 2
This was Chris Isaak's bike. He got it when he was 11 years old. Fortunately, it's luck enough to have found a home in Lyons. A local musical type was on tour with Chris Isaak this past winter. He gave this sweet ride to her for Christmas. It's rolling with the local biker gang. Which is the repro?
Sunday, July 1

went for a fantastic ride today..... i tried hooking up with a couple of pals from the bozeman area but i never found them. Riding solo instead. There's something about coming across a sign post that has barbed wire on it for bear deterent that is very humbling......i found a newly discovered love for whistling.