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Saturday, June 30
Shakin things up
Hey everybody I have invited butch over to post on the lamp. I was hoping to send out a few more invites but need some help with emails. If anyone has an email for Shouse, Todd Hansen, and MG please send them over to me.

random drivel

a couple of pics taken from my Raleigh

dynohub...and it works ! Front and rear lights powered by the front hub generator. Sweetness.

Sunday, June 24
DC in DC
Just got back from a trip with the family. Sorry it's not bike related, but I wanted to stay in touch with you guys. A lot of you remember Mary's friend Hannah. She got married in Baltimore this past weekend, so we took a couple of extra days in DC beforehand. It was good to get away from the daily grind.

We went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. I went once as a kid and couldn't wait to get back. If you've never been, you need to go. Rockets, space ships, moon landers, airplanes and everything in between is on display. It took us about 4 hours to get thru and we were moving at a good pace. Bike related - they had a Wright bicycle on display by the Wright Bros flying machine. There are less than 10 of these in existance anymore.

There was a food court, too. Felt more like a zoo than a museum. Note the craziness, the bigness, and the prices on the value meals.
They had one room of the Air and Space museum dedicated to National History - the National History museum was closed for renovations so they had some highlights on display. This one's for Bdiddy.
Did some outdoor sight seeing.

A lot of things have changed since WWII. Think the world still thinks this? Then we drove back up to Baltimore for the wedding. It was cool - we stayed at the manor where the wedding was held. This house was built in 1726. Very cool. Lots of history.
The manor was surrounded by 10k acres of Maryland State Forest, too. Singletrack access on premisis. I didn't have my bike, but I was able to sneak in an hour trail run. It reminded me a lot of Platte River. Full canopy, black dirt, and twisty trails. Super fun. Afterwards, I came back to the manor, swam in the pool, napped, and sipped cocktails before the wedding. I felt like a king. That's good living. The 6am flight wasn't so kingly though. I'm happy to be back in CO now!
Tuesday, June 19
bigmech in da house
a pic or two from last sundays poppa days ride with bigmech and bdid, thanks for the ride and barley pop fellas.
Tuesday, June 12
North of the Border
I'd heard about some new trails in Wyoming, freshly designed by IMBA, and just east of the Laramie Enduro course. With some cold and wet weather this weekend in the mountains, we decided to head north of the border to check it out. Yep: Good stuff, tons of fun and obviously made with biking in mind. I can't wait to get back up there.

And Maysa seems to me enjoying camping so far. We couldn't be happier!

Friday, June 8
rockin' the 29er
in the old man/slow division. Yup, slower these days for sure but having the right cheerleader sure helps swallow that pill.

Thursday, June 7
Saw a request for some LFTF photos. I stopped to take pictures on Saturday's big ride... once. Terrbible, aint it? Took more at the party, which was fun as always. Sunday was the highlight, as it should be, when the little ride took place.

Saturday: Lots of the best jeep roads around, amazing views, and all that. And the aftermath.

Sunday - Homie day. The new ride, and logo. Some looking around. Some riding of rocks (and some walking) and S-House rocking the purple bike picked out to match the pretty flowers.

Sunday, June 3
I guess that explains the creaking...

I think these 2 parts should still be attached...
Friday, June 1
MCA killin it on the upright!