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Friday, June 30
4th Plans?
What are all you guys planning to do this weekend? I know Debaser already took off with Mic and Pablo to Telluride. I'm keepin' er close to home. Working Sat and Sun, and I took Monday off. Pretty stoked about a 4 day weekend. I'm thinking welcome to the tour de france celebratory road ride on Sun, with Mon and Tues for the dirt. Maybe Lion Gulch Mon and the infamous Donner Pass ride on the 4th. That's another one of those 'you always get rained on' type of rides. Maybe we'll be lucky this year.

Hope y'all have a good 4th of July and enjoy the good ol' U S of A.
Why is it!
Why is it that the one sport I bother to half assed follow happens to be the one sport where they are trying to clean up. Who is even left to race this year? Wtf?

Imagine the fall out if baseball, hockey, football, or basketball leagues were half as serious about kicking people out as cycling.

So, who's watching the tour, and any guesses on who could win? I guess in one respect, it's an open race this year and it could be super interesting for that alone.

Ah, Laramie.

I've seen you every year you've invited me, and you've only managed to keep me from finishing once. What do you say we give it another go around, for old time's sake?

My registration is in the mail. Anyone else?

Monday, June 26
off the beaten path

James from Black Sheep Cycles stopped by yesterday after riding Hall on his sweet 29er singlespeed. Check the funky bars. They're his Enduro Mustache bars. They look pretty comfy if you're in it for the long haul. I think I'll keep the risers on the Intense, though.

MW may be interested in this next one. I just got finished building a fixie wheel for a Wash DC buddy of mine. He goes out and does fixed/ss centuries with a similar crew in the capital land. This is the fixed flip flop Level hub. It's pretty damn sweet. Although you're committed to using their cogs (which are beautifully machined), you've got a direct fixed gear mount without a lockring.

It's now built up with a Salsa Delgado Cross rim. It will look sweet on the Rivendell Quickbeam SS/Fixie that it's going on.
sunday strollin with the bdid

30 mile loop, 100% singletrack, a bag of gummie bears, a 6pack of kokanee, and miles of smiles.
Damm it feels good to be a gangsta
Sunday, June 25
new camera

and this is all i got of todays ride to platte. muddy trails but firm and not too bad. cool temps and super humid. time to clean the bike.
where is bdid
gotta luv it when you plan on heading out on a ride at 8am only to wonder where the fuck the infamous bdid could be....8:20 call to his house reveals a froggy throat and first words spoken of the day. I say "GET THE FUCK UP ! how's that for a fuckin alarm clock" ..get your ass ovr here, you're burnin daylight and love. 9:30 and i get a call....dude, i gotta stop by the grocery and i'll be right there. uuhh- okay-wut-do-ya-need?

He says " Starbucks Double shot"'s gonne be that kinda day, but i'm waitin' for you buddy !

have a good sun-day
Saturday, June 24
on the gin

small ride on big rocks with parker on friday. Blodgett Canyon sharpens the skizzils in a hurry.

Oh, had a great 3 dayer in CB, got back last night. Lots of riding and camping and good old times. Zana rode all 3 days too, and was outclimbing our new friend Alex. Go Zana!

Instead of bogging down the blog with pictures, I posted pictures over here.

The Reno/Flag/Bear/Deadmans loop was amazing. 6 hours on trail, 4 hours wheelspinning (all from camp!). After a stiff climb on 2 track, it was all money the rest of the day. The Bear dh was sick - my new definition of flow, every turn was exactly where I expected it to be, as tight as I expected it to be. I wasn't feeling "on" I was feeling "IN" the trail. After that, a long climb up deadmans (trail 420) watching fish in the creek. And then the last descent claims to have 20 some switchbacks. I lost count.

An instant classic weekend. Wish you all were there.
Monday, June 19
Lower Lower
I was speechless pretty much the whole ride.

It goes all the way to bottom, hangs a right, and keeps going.

It was so good.

Saturday, June 17
another bitteroot beauty

you gotta love spring in a bike shop, i'm always amazed at what's dragged from the depths of some folks garages and basements and eventually theses bikes make their way to a shop for a little TLC, or in this case as a drop box. Introducing our new Schwinn Klunker 5. Bdiddy says schwinn only made this bike with drum brake for a 1/2 year. It must have been really popular...yeah right. 60#, 5 gears, and a brake that doesn't really brake but drags....what's not to love.
Tuesday, June 13
Carol Rockin' the Teeter Totter

Carol and I rode Lake Manawa the end of last week. Check out the big grin on her face. She was having so much fun riding the teeter totter that it was hard to convince her to keep going down the trail. No crashes on this ride!
his bench VS. my

just a couple of pics from the work stations.
new shop pics

just thought i'd post and share a couple of the most recent shop pics. just a steady stream of work that still needs completed, but all in all she's looking pretty darn good.

Monday, June 12
More than a few of us have stories...
...about Winter Park. This weekend I added a few. Camped further into the valley on the Sunken Bridges trail, rode bikes for a couple days, camped in a nice grassy spot, and had a mighty fine time.

Did I mention that I rode bikes?

The Rig
I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but I'm driving slower and sleeping better on the local road trips. Like going to Winter Park this weekend. Slept great, rode big, drove slow.

Saturday, June 10
drive back home

and a stop in chugwater WY for some 'Chugwater Chili'
and some leg stretching.
dirt roads

what's a trip back without some dirt road touring.
more vacation pis

family in KC.... science city at the Union Station, Gates bbq, Loose Park, Gangis Kahn, and hotel'n it downtown !! Good times
Monday, June 5
The force is strong with this one
Something else I came back with yesterday. One of the guys I was riding with picked this up on Ebay thinking it was a Look frame (guess how that happened...) Anyway, once he went back and saw what he won, he wasn't so interested. I've not been happy with the Merckx's fit, although yesterday I had a great time on it, for the first time. We came to an agreement, now it's mine.

Zero stickers or badging. Made by Kinesis, and very similar to their UK Kinesis KIC frame. Carbon seat and chain stays. Likely their scandium knockoff tubeset.

I havn't done a century ride since I left Nebraska, so a few of you might have been on my last 100 miler. I did the Elephant Rock Ride today with a few thousand people - my first organized "ride" not race. It went surprisingly well, in spite of how scared I was of the masses of people. Long lines at some of the aid stations, some idiots crossing the yellow line just before the crest of hills, and general irritation at the lack of some people to use momentum on the multiple decent/climbs. All in all it was a beautiful hot day, Pikes Peak was out in full glory. I started with four people, we managed to ride and end within minutes of each other over the 6 hours we were pedaling. It was fun, but now these guys want to know about the Triple ByPass.

mw would probably do it fixed, frontwards and backwards cause he's like that, but I'm scared.

Oh, and the wife did her longest ride ever today - 50 miles in style. I'm proud.