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Monday, June 26
Damm it feels good to be a gangsta
Blogger Chaybo said...
don't feed the bears

to me

oh, wait a minute....those are super duper yummy..i'll take 6 more please.

Blogger John Parker said...
Food Item: Gummy Bears (starch jelly)
Food Quantity: 10 bear pieces
Carbs: 58g

you guys are weird

but I do loooove gummy bears, and most other forms of "starch jelly" for that matter

Blogger MOD said...
Yes! Bdiddy back in the mother effen hizouse!!!

Do those serve the same purpose as bear bells.

The bears see their little red family members, think you've shrunk them and skinned them and then they run away?

Excellent thinking, excellent

Blogger redstone said...
I've been running on Fruit Snacks and gummy candy. Funny - having kids around means lots of "non traditional" cycling snack foods a plenty. yum

Blogger debaser said...
When you saw them, did you hold your bike above you to make yourself look large and in charge?



That's only if you see gummi mountain lions.