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Tuesday, May 31
Going away party for Mike and Tara!

Going away get together for Mike and Tara Wenesday night at Yia Yia's. Come down and have a slice of pizza and beer with the em! I sure am going to miss these two! I might even miss MICK? Come down bout 8 o'clock to celebrate and wish them luck on their voyage!
Wednesday, May 25
just wanted to send a good memorial weekend to everyone out there. whatever you will be doing on 2 wheels, have a great time doing it. be safe. i am off to the tour of 10,000 lakes in gods country, no pics, but i can give a report when i get back.
t minus...and counting.
Dave......ummm, i mean redstone. Only a couple more days until we're heading your direction. Can i bring you anything down ? You know...for compensation for the fine job of putting the Festival together year in and year out. You guys sure have your hands full these days and i wanted to express how appreciative i am that you've hooked us all up with the ability to re-connect each and every year. And not to mention the fine riding you bring to the table.'re a f'king rockstar in my mind !

how about a bag of cotterless pins ??? oh wait, i gave those to you last year !! about this business card for 'Chocolate' that i've been hanging on to just for you ? Because you know the Vegas bike show is coming up quickly.

of course i could keep it simple and bring a case of BBB down for you....hell, you wouldn't even have to share. Just keep it hidden until all of us outta staters leave. Make sure the kaptain doesn't see it or hear about it. about a "how to throw horseshoes" guide, because your sorry a$$ is gonna be writing me a check before the weekend is over !!!

hahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday, May 22

welp .... i had another excellent weekend following a fairly stressssssful week and it felt damn good to log in a days worth of riding to remind myself how insignificant small problems really are.....the loop, a 25miler with one climb and one grin of a decent. It was also Rick B's first mtb ride in a long-long time. It was nice to have the gentle giant back in action as his commentary is second to none. Anyway... i'm pretty fk'in excited to be riding with you boys in less than a week. see ya soon !

sunday stroll......and next sunday i'll be stollin' along in Colorado !
first, i have to start out that i am completely shelled after my race in iowa yesterday. 55 miles in under 2.5 hours in 35 mph winds. raced like a crit, go from the gun, gutter from the start, the pain meter was in the red the entire time. i woke up in a fuzz on sunday. i had my morning pancakes and coffee and headed out the door. i was not having the best of ride until i ran into the guy pulling a trailer just outside of seward. i pedaled with him and found out he was riding from florida to north platte to look for work on a ranch. this guy was riding a walmart mtb bike and pulling a loaded down burley type trailer. he said that he thought that he was pulling around 100lbs!!. his bike had to weigh around 30lbs. did i mention he had an austrailian cattle dog in a basket behind his seat. he was 42 days into his journey from florida and was gonna camp out in seward for the day. wow, i was completely amazed that i rode the rest of the way to seward with him. as we got into seward, eldon wished me good luck, told me to be safe and gave a great god bless you. we both shook hands and he was off to try to get some rest at the church of christ. it amazed me that this guy was pulling his fe to north platte nebraska to look for work. he never asked me for anything, just some free conversation. eldon's hand shake told me that he was a good guy and i found his bike and put a 5 spot under his bungy cord on his front cooler. so, eldon will be taking hwy 34 to grand island and the hwy 30 to north platte. anyone know anyone along the way?. anyone in north platte?. good luck, may the wind be at your back.
Friday, May 20

Wed. night ride....... a 4-B's ride. Welp i forgot the actual fourth B, but oh well. Damn good ride even though the singletrack portion was rained out. The ride starts with an 11 mile forest service climb... it was at a fast pace from the get go, and once you find your own comfortable pace the better. Anyway the climb took a little over an hour and once we got to the top of the ridge we were met with very dark grey skies and the rain started falling...temperature started dropping too and on went the LS jersey, the raincoat, and knee warmers. Initially our plan was to drop straight down into this beautiful little rock-infested drainage and ride the trail back out. But with the rain and all...we knew the rocks would be slip-pery and wisely we went back down the way we came up. Tough call.....because after an hours worth of climbing it's always nice to be rewarded with some yummie singletrack. oh well--- there is always next time...... we followed the ride up with the usual post-ride refreshments.
Wednesday, May 18
My wife rocking the Croll, all artsy and stuff. Posted by Hello
Got a pair of tickets!
welp i'm going to the 12 p.m. showing of star wars tonight! Melissa won tickets this morning. The funny thing is my bro in law called last night to rub it in that he is going to the opening show in L.A. Now i get to call him and tell him that i will be seeing the movie before him due to him being in pacific time he he he :) I wasn't really expecting to go to the first showing so i bought tickets to the 1 pm show on Thursday guess i'll have to go twice. By the way the haters can sit down(magic and chaybo)!
Tuesday, May 17
Tonights ride was pretty fun. Despite the wind, we had a ride going that was 5 guys strong. It was the regulars, so it was a pretty good crew. We rode up to Hall and up the main trail, the rocky one. After a loop at the top, Debaser opted to head back home. Canada Ben's allergies were bugging him so he took off, too. That's where the ride got more eventful, as it were.

continued in the comments (long story)...
Monday, May 16
Manic Monday!
Monday was moving purdy darn slow for me today until i came across This ! It made me laugh out loud :)
Plans for a trip to the Black Hills were ended by 9 inches of snow Thursday night. With a car locked and loaded for a weekend away, we had to go somewhere. Enter New Mexico: Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Taos. Great 3 day weekend trip. Met a MTBR star, saw the birthplace of atomic weapons, and rode some of the legendary South Boundary Trail.
Saturday, May 14
brian .... captain..... sounds like you were having a shit load of fun tonight !! Where were you when you called ? All i could hear was ZZTop on the juke and big mech gargling something about sexy legs and your slur of a word. Very nice captain. You gotta fill me in. You better take two aspirins before you do tho.

Friday, May 13
recon mission
Despite the rainy weather of late, I was able to perform some recon for the upcoming Lyons Fat Tire Fest Five. I didn't find what I wanted to. The ride was kind of a bust in that sense. Still, though, I spent a couple of hours in the rain on my mountain bike. That's what it's all about. Ridin'. 2 wheels and dirt are all I need.

Things like this help, though

The ride wasn't really a bust. I made the rainbow connection.
Thursday, May 12
P.E. in full effect Bruthaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Monday, May 9
I explored a little on the new local trail we found last week. I encountered a dead end of sorts, but I know people are getting thru. I'll have to dig around to find the route. In any case, what I did find was extra sweet. I'll have to put this one into regular rotation, especially since it's close to home. Here's a couple pics of one section towards the end. Not for the faint of heart. The trail gets really narrow next to a cliff, it's shored up about 10' with big logs.

It's about a 500' drop down to the river. You guys remember the dirt road heading back from Shelley's Cottages? This is looking down on it...

there are just some things in life you just don't expect, and witnessing Rick B out on a bike with skinny tires is one of them......just like an animal caught far away from his habitat !! I'm glad i was carrying my camera to document the occasion. Happy road biking to ya Mr. B !! Happy mother's day to the rest of you.

Heading out to the Mopac and up to Platte and back. MW providing security for our ride today. I don't think we will be having any problems with motorist today! 10 of us rode out to say congrats to Carp and probably get in the last ride with him for a while. Great riding with everyone and congrats to the two newest D.D.S.' we have now ( would someone help me with names, i am very bad at that). What a ride!! Posted by Hello

Regrouping after the headwind back to Wabash. Tony Wilhelm (sp?), what can I say except I rode with a beast on a bike. Fixed gear for the whole ride and dropping us like flies into the wind on the gravel back to the Mopac. Let's not forget the "six" power bar wrappers in his tire to fix the gash he aquired at "O" street on the way out. Amazing ride !  Posted by Hello
Friday, May 6
muwhahahhaha... It's alive!  Posted by Hello
Sith shit
A dispatch from a Minnesota webmaster:

"If I had gone to a Midnight showing, I would have left at 2 a.m. VERY satisfied. I'd almost go on record as saying it was better than Empire.

No joke."

He got a media invite, saw it last night. Had to share.
Thursday, May 5
hey everyone, there is a very aggressive pit living in the last house in malcolm leading to the curve heading out to the lake. it is the last house on the right, white, chain link fence facing the road. as i was riding by the house and the dog leaped over the fence a took off after me(us) and chased us just to the middle of the first hill heading north out of town. yep, this dog was full gas for over a mile. scared the bagezers out of me. this dog is not playing and will eat you, be very careful. call the sherriff if you have problems.

Wolfman- taming the rocks at Como Posted by Hello

Yet one more pic of the cabin. Stay there next time for a nigtht or two??  Posted by Hello
Wednesday, May 4
a few sights along my ride today.
OK, you'll have to use your imagination for this one. Road ride from work, Olde Stage to Lefthand to Lee Hill for those of you with maps or good memories. 90 minutes from work round trip, 2 significant climbs.

1. Heading north out of town I caught up with what appeared to be the CU women's road team. Eight hotties on very nice rides cruising out of town. I sat back and enjoyed that!

2. An old Ford truck, much like the bdiddy's dads. The tailgate was repainted to say:

LORD (instead of Ford)

3. The last climb of the day, heard it before I saw it, a new BMW 645 revved up and sounding oh so pretty. I love bikes, but I like cars a whole lot and this was a sweet sounding car!

That's pretty much it. For the record, according to the ride today, I'm getting older and slower. I don't like that one fucking bit.
Goodbye Cyber-shot Hello MOTO!

A few of you may have heard this story already but i'm telling it again anyway. Friday night after a few gin and tonics i managed to chuck my funk fone right in the toliet!? I know what your thinking yuck! what was the funk fone floating with? Nothing thankfully there was only water in the bowl otherwise i would have just flushed it and waved goodbye! I grabbed the phone and shook it and as i was shaking it the display goes dead. Uh Oh! Dried it out all day sat and sun and put it back together and it actually turned back on but it just wasn't the same headset sounded funny and i was dropping calls. I figured i could put up with it so i wouldn't have to spend any coin on a new phone. Wrong i made one call on monday to this guy at a store and all of a sudden he's like i can't hear you your breaking up! That dipshit repeat that like 10 times instead of just hanging up! I ended the phone call and went right to the phone store. I wanted something similar the phone i had and that wasn't a problem finding it also had a camera! Sweet! I think i'm going to say goodbye to my little sony and start taking pics with my phone! Goodbye Cyber-shot Hello MOTO!
Tuesday, May 3
tues night ride


hey!, wait for me! shortly after my superman imitation, i had to repack and got to thinking about being wounded puma meat. yikes! Posted by Hello