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Friday, May 6
Sith shit
A dispatch from a Minnesota webmaster:

"If I had gone to a Midnight showing, I would have left at 2 a.m. VERY satisfied. I'd almost go on record as saying it was better than Empire.

No joke."

He got a media invite, saw it last night. Had to share.
Blogger mw said...
star wars.

Blogger bdiddy said...
I'll probably go in the afternoon on the first day. I did that with the last two and the mid afternoon show wasn't that packed. I thought the last one was real good. Saying that it's better than empire wow i'll have to wait and judge for myself empire was purdy darn good!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
man, I've been sucked into darths, blog, now I can't wait to go see it.

I don't think i'm gonna make it on opening weekend, but maybe sunday afternoon, or monday after work or something.

you lucky bastard.

Blogger mw said...
see, i missed the last one (episode 2). i've heard i should just continue my life without it. i did enjoy episode 1...except for the jar jar stuff...

and i've heard this one is spose to be good in the old fashioned star wars way.

the older movies seemed to me to be more filmed like history.

Blogger bdiddy said...
episode II is definately better the episode I. Introduction to BoBo fet! Important part of the whole story! + Lots of action Natile portman was just begging for someone to throw a pail of water on her for half the movie:)

Blogger debaser said...
cute in the dictionary = natalie portman. her sexy movie is in the netflix gue. I can't wait.

Blogger magic said...
What in the hell are you guys talking about. If this is about Star Wars i'd rather see a Mork and Mindy rerun. Luke, hans Solo, Spock, and Captain Kirk, can all just die, enough is enough.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That's harsh Magic, harsh man.

you need to become one with the force my man,


Anonymous Anonymous said...
String him up by his tebags we will!


Blogger Chaybo said...
i'm not quite as harsh as johnson, but what in the hell do you guys see in 'STAR WARS' ???? Screw the fiction crap and your action figure playmates.

you guys suk !

Blogger debaser said...
If you don't like a good story, you prolly won't like star wars. If you like a good story, it's a 12 hour epic series of movies about the rise and fall of one of the greatest villians.

and it's got light sabers and robots and spaceships. And lots of loud and pretty explosions.

Blogger Chaybo said...


hahahahaha, what a fukin load of crap !

yep...good story.

Blogger mw said...
i remember seeing starwars in the theater when it first came out with my brother and mom. i was too young to be excited about it. but i remember coming home and thinking about what i had just seen. then i remember being super stoked to see empire when it came out.

i like a good story, especially science fiction. always have. it is a load of crap but it beats nascar and golf.

Blogger Wolfman said...
I like the first three episodes and agree with you, MW, I could not believe what I had just saw with Star Wars! We had the sound track and must have seen the movie...alot! The new episodes are great, sci-fi rocks, but now it seems like there is so much stuff happening on the screen to concentrate on that you actually 'have' to watch them more than once to catch all the effects. No problems there. I also heard that in the newest episode, there is an intense dream sequence with young Luke and Princess Lea and her white robe!!! I won't be camping in line, but I can't wait to view!