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Wednesday, May 18
Got a pair of tickets!
welp i'm going to the 12 p.m. showing of star wars tonight! Melissa won tickets this morning. The funny thing is my bro in law called last night to rub it in that he is going to the opening show in L.A. Now i get to call him and tell him that i will be seeing the movie before him due to him being in pacific time he he he :) I wasn't really expecting to go to the first showing so i bought tickets to the 1 pm show on Thursday guess i'll have to go twice. By the way the haters can sit down(magic and chaybo)!
Blogger debaser said...
Sweet! I'll have to see it sometime this weekend so I can finish my Lego Star Wars game.

Did that sounds like I was 10? Yeah... Star Wars kicks ass!

Blogger magic said...
Is that 12 pm or 12 am? You probably shouldn't skip work to go play with your figurines.

Blogger mw said...
that should be fun!

Blogger debaser said...
not figurines. action figueres.

jeebus magic, yer sooooo out of it!

Blogger Chaybo said...
so did you and melissa have a good time last night ?

Was there much of a line ?

Blogger bdiddy said...

Wow it was everything i was hoping for plus more! There was some dude dressed up as obi won. Light saber and all. We went about 1 hour earley and got good seats mid theatre. The radio station peps had a half hour reel of this summers movies trailers to watch and then they pulled twenty people out of the audience for trivia family feud style. I raised my hand and went up. Then we all lined up facing the audience and they split us up. Your a jedi your a sith. Jedi over here Sith over there. Felt like grade school a little bit.

I'm first up against some chick that just doesn't realize that she's going heads up against a star wars super freak!

"What is the name of Darth Vader's personal spaceship?"

WTF! I start throwing crap out because i have no idea. They realize this is going nowhere and throw that question out. Next ?

"In how many movies does 3po call Chewbaca Chewy?"

I got it right Godfather was the sponser of the deal so a coupon for free large two topper and back to my seat i go. I know the answers in case anyone wants to take a quess.

It was a good time called the bro in law to rub it in from inside before the show. We saw it a Southpoint wish it would have been downtown at the grand there were probably more freaks dressed up down there! I think its funny seeing people dress up for that crap. The audience needed a few over the top face painters!

We had a good time i can't wait to see the flick again!

Blogger debaser said...
I just read that there was (literally) a line around the block at the theater in downtown Lincoln.

No idea on Q#1, but the second Q=0. Right?

Anonymous John said...
I read that the economic impact of people who were skipping work to wait in line was 670 million dollars.

Hopefully I'll manage to see it soon.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Work suks starwars rulz!

There was a line inside to get to your seat. But nothing that was to bad.

Answer #1 is the executor

Answer #2 is 1 i'm not sure which episode. Maybe when C-3po was in pieces and chewbacca was carrying him arond in that mesh backpack in strikes back?