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Saturday, May 14
brian .... captain..... sounds like you were having a shit load of fun tonight !! Where were you when you called ? All i could hear was ZZTop on the juke and big mech gargling something about sexy legs and your slur of a word. Very nice captain. You gotta fill me in. You better take two aspirins before you do tho.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Good 'ol ricky had a small get together for his birthday. Met up with him over at the watering hole. Still had time to stop by the wrench before hand.

I think the whole thing started spinning out of control when the waitress dropped an empty glass into the pitcher of beer we had at the table. To make up for it she brought back some free pitcher tokens with a fresh pitcher of beer. I think we could have saved the tokens for another time but no way! We had to use them all? Once we left the hole Rick wanted to go see some performing arts and the wolfman had to head home. I wish i would have followed! I went went along for the rest of the evening though. Anyway happy b day Rick!