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Monday, November 28
lost and found
found a really nice black race face jacket in wilderness early sunday morning. a date with your sister and it is yours.
Sunday, November 27
Found a good stack of pics in the bottom of a box.

Friday, November 25

oh. purdy good view of the big oh.
lewis and clarke

wow. sweet ride today. 48th and pierce in omaha over to lewis and clarke. i'll do this again. its a good warm up and nice urban assault. and the 480 bridge over the mighty mo keeps it interesting.
welp, saturday leave meadowlark coffee at 10, get there ealier if you want to get your fix. sunday looks like there is some weather coming in, might have to leave early, 8am anyone?. probably a mix of dirt and gravel on both days.
Wednesday, November 23
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
big cat in wilderness?
thats right!!!. just north of the new suspension bridge, about 20-30 yards ahead of me on the trail. i had my prescription glasses on, so i am pretty sure what i saw. ran up the trail in front of me the dipped into the weeds to my left. i will head back out there around 3pm to look for some tracks.
Tuesday, November 22

the ice on this old Rudge had my attention more than once today..... What a beauty of an old english racer, complete with old Dynohub generator. One of these cold days when i aint got shit to do i'll open the non functioning light/front hub up and get it back into condition, maybe even ride it into town for a cold one. Thanks to that old coot Sheldon for posting directions on how to DIY. I'll probably still have it fucked up by the time i'm done even though it's written in plain english.

Rime Ice's almost winter here. Today everything and i do mean everything is covered in rime ice. We had an inversion here last night that completely turned everything to darkness. It was kind of freaky, very quiet and it made the late walk home from the barn challenging. I've only walked this route about 2000 times yet i still managed to run straight into the garage, which is about the halfway point. Yep head first too ! Split lip, sore nose and chin....jesus h. Tracy got a good chuckle.....thanks for the comforting thoughts tra.

Anyway....the riding conditions are good. The ground is frozen. And up high we've got 47" of fresh stuff. Which means the Rossi XXX's are getting more action then the mtb.

Hope everyone is well !

Fuck everything else and go see the movie!
Monday, November 21
all points bulletin
the duck was stolen sunday at the cross race. i placed him in his nest near the barrier section and left for my gravel adventure. when i returned, the duck was missing, a fake dollar bill placed in his nest. so, spread the word, be on the look out for a duck with lbc painted on both sides of it. to the thief, if you have him, take care of him, take pics with him. he was found on the highway, been to many a cross race, attended nationals, spent time at chris king, been sent through the mail and slept with tony w.. the duck was planning on attending the uci race in kc, so bring him back by then.
Saturday, November 19
Ever look at the pavement...
...when you're going down the highway and think about how much it looks like a grinding wheel at full tilt?

As usual when traveling, there were quite a few cars traveling on the highway. We were going at a pretty good clip when someone behind us starts flashing his brights, a lot, and backs away from us. Hmmm... I start to slow down and change lanes towards the shoulder, and it's more of the same... Hmmm... I stopped, got out, and the Croll was held on the rack only by the wheel strap, the rest hanging down onto the pavement.

Not a good feeling to see that! But, at least it was still there... Here's the worst of it. Fortunately, the frame suffered only a few paint chips (imagine that) while the stem and fork took the brunt of the damage.

Friday, November 18
last weekend

i hope this weekend is nice or nicer then last. last one was good. this is another shot of the boring ass trail up to omaha. kidding. well no. i'm not kidding. nothing special about the trail. but the overall route is sweet and i enjoy it greatly. this is just north of louisville on the mopac trail up to springfield. beats the shit out of hwy50.
Wednesday, November 16
Dave the updated site looks darn Good!
Sunday, November 13
Out west
We needed a little getaway, as her folks will be in town for a week, starting next Sunday. Drove out Saturday early morning through some crappy weather (picture semi's stalled out on ice in the slow lane up Vail Pass!) and hit the Western Rim. Headed back to town for some food and a warm bed, and hit the Ribbon today. The trail's on top of cliff in pic #2, basically a huge slab 'o rock. I rode this bike all weekend, and it was good.

Friday, November 11
Bruce Gordon's rear flasher looks like the new "Bullet" rear flashers are finally available. I REALLY liked the looks of these little things, and i'm glad his bike caught my eye long enough to actually notice a pair of them mounted, cleanly hanging from the rear eyelets. These little LED 's were one of the cleanest looking at the show. Machined aluminum and comes in black or silver. Plus, Bruce is go buy one !
Thursday, November 10
if anyone is interested, 930am at meadowlark coffee (17th and south), leave at 1000. maybe a mix of wilderness and gravel. on a side note, nashville pussy is playing friday night at knickerbockers, should be interesting.
Wednesday, November 9
Videos on the sidebar!
So i pulled some of the videos out of the archives. There are enough of them to add links to the sidebar. Enjoy! Just don't go bitchin to me when you get in trouble with your boss for watching videos on the blog all day instead of working :) One more thing i only pay for 1 gig of download a month so its first come first serve. If you want to make sure everyone gets a chance to see the videos you might want to download the video to your hard drive and play it as many times as you want from there without burning up all the downloads. You can do this by right clicking your mouse and choosing "save target as" then save the file to your hard drive somewhere and its yours to keep! Forever!

Monday, November 7
Good weekend for riding!

MW riding through the gully. I have a video of everyone else. I'll try and get it posted later tonight.

I have almost a year on the ENO. I had one problem with a stripped axle bolt early on but its been all good ever since. Cleanest way to turn your favorite old frame into SS.

Everyone chipped in to cut the stump off of the log ride. It was like the Stihl chainsaw crosscut championship. I think mw was wounded in the effort?

Hanging at the Bridge before turning around.

Took the new Jake out for a half a lap. I ran into everyone at the pyramid. I also meet someone named mitch who was trying to get a tacoed rim on his cross bike straight enough to get him home. Said he had a headon couple turns back. I was bummed for him his wheel was FOOOOOKED UP! He said it was the perfect reason to upgrade and was on his way. I hope this weekend is as good as this last one!
Sunday, November 6
Cross pictures
The local cross series stops in Louisville once a year. I could see parts of the course from the garage while I was working on my bike in the morning. Pretty cool. Last year was a super sloppy mess for this race. Today it was sixty degrees and dry. I took a ton of pictues, so instead of taking up tons of space a collage will have to do. All these are from the Womens and Mens Open races. Anyone know who this Andy Hampsted dude they kept talking about is?

Friday, November 4
did you see this?

intense spyder 9er proto. whoa.
sat morn
hey, gonna meet at meadowlark coffee on 17th and south at 9:30am, leave around 10. gravel roads. so far its me and tj.
Thursday, November 3

Okay I got my hands on a Kona Unit 2 9 frame from those biking Quaaars over at MWC (Thanks Nate). I am getting to the point of building wheels and thought i would throw this one out for discussion. So does anyone have any opinions on Hubs, Rims, and Spokecount?
Wednesday, November 2
and life is created

welp....i've got a squishy addiction i admit it. First step is admittance. Now what do i do ?
Tuesday, November 1

so what was my brother for halloween? well they had a show. so he was bootsy collins. anyone can be bootsy right? true but not anyone has a suit and a bass they borrowed from bootsy himself!!! damm!!!
Headed home

The commute home looks a little different than last week. Getting dark early... Shortly after this I heard something as over the my music, and stopped to check it out - a pack of coyotes on my right was howling, and a pack to my left was answering. They went back in forth for a minute or so before I got out of there. Super cool.