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we like bikes!
Monday, April 28
Festival of cycles leftovers
Wednesday, April 23

Fruita Pictures are here. Clicky on them a few times and you can get bigger versions.

I'm still dreamin of ridng all day while I'm working all day.
Tuesday, April 22
memories... the corners of my mind...
...misty, water colored memories...
...of the way we were...

...the way we were...
Fourtwenty Hall Ranch

Here's how I celebrated fourtwenty. GB BG on a fourtwenty Hall Ranch ride. OPG! How 'bout you?
Thursday, April 17
One Rabbit Valley Photo
I'm behind on sharing the Rabbit Valey/Fruita pictures. I can come up with a few excuses, but noone wants to hear them, so I'll get to the one magic shot of the weekend. First day out, time to descend into the sand trap trails. I snap a few photos of the crew heading into the Sarlacc Bowl, and captured this:

Great view to start the trip, eh? Here's the closeup:

Caught the first wipe out of the trip for all to see.
Tuesday, April 15
Lets ride some trails

It was warm here this weekend. Like in the 70's. Helped air up tires at the grizzly triatholn on saturday and found some good dirt on Sunday. The mountains to the right are in the rattlesnake wilderness and way off to the left are the mission mountains. Um I am ready to ride how about everyone else?
Sunday, April 13
new shop is open!
Well, after many trials and tribulations, I finally opened up Redstone Cyclery V2 on Saturday. We've been in the building for a couple of months doing renovations. I'm glad it's finally time - I'm tired.

My first employee started today, too.
Thursday, April 10
Karate on the 101
Pacific Coast Hwy scenery.

Wednesday, April 9

I'm finally recovered enough to stay up after 8:00pm and get my photos uploaded. Great weekend! I'd probably do it again. Photos are here. Enjoy!
Tuesday, April 8
Eating = good.
The Fruita crew doing some eating. Lots of eating this weekend, lots of riding. I'm still picking up the pieces after getting back.

Monday, April 7
Here are a few ride photos