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Saturday, February 23
Pics from the NAHBS

It was about a nine hour drive from Missoula. We had loaded up 6 beater bikes for the four of us. It seemed like every time we were about to start pedaling we were trying to recruit two riders for the other two bicycles. I think we only left the spares behind one time. The show was really cool again this year. It was a little crowded. One thing at this show that makes it a little more difficult to get in and check out all of the details of each bicycles is almost everyone has a camera. It's cool though thats how the builders get their name out there to everyone over the inturdnet. There was a lot of cool shit but the highlight for me was the all the riding around Portland that we got in while we were there. It would not have been as fun without BIKES! Here are some pics please help me with the details in the comments. This was Ricks 50th birthday weekend! Happy 50th Rick!
Monday, February 4
Good bye Sheldon
I'm sure a lot of you guys had already seen this, but I figured I'd put it up anyway. The man, the legend, the icon, Sheldon Brown has passed away.
Sunday, February 3
Winter Park Singletrack

Headed up to the Fraser this weekend for a little get away time. Didn't want to mess with the resort and all the big bucks, so I packed the xc skis. I wanted to hit the Creekside/Flume loop, but that whole area is closed for pine beetle removal. What I got instead was climbing up the backside of Tippery. I've never played on the xc trails there in the winter, and now I can't wait to go back. I will, however, wait for this fresh blister to heal.