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we like bikes!
Thursday, September 29
Uh, so Posthole and I and some other dude need a fourth for Moab.

Anyone? Anyone?
Wednesday, September 28
Vegas is super dope -a -rope day down and we're officially drunk 1!! YIppie !!!

Some hippie by the name of Jaqualine Phelan just sat left us after drinkin a few with us...holy moly !!! Man, was she a throw back. Cool as shit though. Banjo and all.

The bikes look good...soulcraft dude was super cool. Bdidd got the whole stash of hats and will be hooking up ALL of lincoln. (long slurp of the drink) , so now we're sitting here, drinking on Shimano's tab...thank-you SUzikiini Moto Shimano .

And now off to Bidd:

haaa haaaa(wiping tears from eyes)

We had a posthole sighting today he had his A game on and i think he even talked chaybo out of 1 bike. His booth looked good. Nail in the coffin was the promise of free beer at the yasiko shimono beer booth!


Maybe pic tomorrow if we sober up!
who needs an eccentric?

when you have a sweet design like this you don't need to complicate the bottom bracket area.
Tuesday, September 27
mk's new ride

nice build there bootch...
I still don't know wtf the lamp is...
But I miss the subtitle that was hovering up there yesterday. Something about education, if I remember right.
day 1 and 2 of the sandhills bob trailer tour
first of all, chris charmicael(sp?)dont have crap on training. pull your 401b bob trailer around the sandhills into a 20 mile headwind. i think ive lost 5 pounds and gained 2 inches on my thighs. day 1 was ord to atkinson, alot of hills followed by miles of flat valleys. wrestled with bob for the first 20 miles. i am starting to get a feel for bob and his movements and except for his weight, i am enjoying him(kindof). almost 6 hours of saddle time. day 2, atkinson to valentine. almost entirely flat except for the last 15 miles into valentine(very beautiful). stopped in stuart, bassett(the attendent says, "only 65 miles to go), someone kill me. had a good lunch at the "depot" in ainsworth and after 8 hours of saddle time made it to valentine. had to switch to double shorts today. tommorow i will try a car sponge inside of the double shorts, nuff said about that one. had a great meal at jordan's in valentine, a quick shout out to the first "hottie" of the trip, ya, i fell in love with another waitress. word has it that there is not alot of towns between here and chadron and the wind is supposed to be howling, might have to hitchhike with a cattle truck. i think a pair of husker tickets could get us there, if it come to a last ditch thing. sorry, no pics yet, just stories. ps, does anyone know anything about the huge grey grasshoppers out here?. the hoppers almost dare you to try and run them over. diffinetely a ding in the rim or a pinch flat if ya try it. until my next computer.
Weekend Riding Part Deux

Attacking the hill...

Attacking the corner...

Attacking the bridge, free ride 29'er!
weekend ride pics

wuz up boys ??

Well...Tra and i had a damn good weekend and we even were able to share a nice/beautiful/sunny Sunday together out on the bikes......I was so friggin excited to get rolling that i made the small error of leaving the spd shoes at home ! wtf, why do i forget these items of necessity at home so frequently. You know you leave your shoes behind regulary when you can actually laugh about it. Such was the spirits dampened and the ride was BRILIANT.

later, Chad
Sunday, September 25

Congrats on one year!

Pic from Cave's weekend at 1:30 a.m. the mighty Missouri.
home base-ord nebraska

sandhills trip eve. just a quick shout out to everyone. a big thanks goes out to sam for letting me borrow his rear wheel. i owe you a big favor. getting ready to load the croll and i see some cracks in the rear wheel, oh crap, suppposed to be leav'n in 5 minutes. day 1, made reservations at the "wheel in" in atkinson. 29.50 for a night, what a bargain, more money for high life, monday night football in atkinson nebraska, what else can ya ask for?.

I guess the first anniversary present is paper. Thanks mom and dad. I wonder what they'll send for #3, leather, and I can't wait til #11 for me sweet new steel mountain bike.
Friday, September 23

Melissa and i got invited to a show at the Rococo Wenesday night by Mr. and Mrs. Wolfman. Thanks guys! Since they took us to the show we decided we would take them to dinner. First attempt was to eat at Sher-E-Punjab for some tasty indian food. Due to a power outage that went from 27th and O street all the way to a few blocks befor the haymarket. So we went to The Oven and it was yummy! The pic is of Melissa getting Grace Potter to sign here CD. Cool band this chic has a great voice.

Tyler takes his Geared Karate Monkey on its first off road ride.
Thursday, September 22
a good time on 2 wheels
just wanted to wish everyone a good weekend. there is alot going on, poker run, rac'n, beer ride(i think this is happening almost every weekend now) and some peeps head'n to vegas. i will be rac'n and then heading on a week long trip around the sandhills, north from ord, then west to chadron, back, southeast to ord. anyone who wants to go can show up around 8am in ord, pull your trailer, pitch a tent or get a room. thanks to nate for the fork and rick hunter for building it. thanks to tyler and sam for putting the ol' green croll into shape again. thanks go out to bdiddy for the use of the bob. have a good time all, pick me up some socks, autographs and buisness cards.
new wheels

i wished these rims were available when i first built the frame but they werent' so i had to wait. but i scored a king rear SS disk hub and laced it to a bonti mustang disk 9er rim and then relaced the paul Fhub to a matching rim. bling! i think the black rims look wicked man. wicked.
Tuesday, September 20

here's a couple of pics from sunday's ride.....damn, it feels good to be riding again after six weeks off.
Sunday, September 18
Found: Singletack
I have this idea that after a big shuttle ride I should spend some time climbing, so I planned on a ride up a Jeep towards treeline. Everything was going according to plan until I got to thinking about a large area on the map with no trails, just rumours. Well, I got to poking around, and after a couple false starts, I hit the jackpot. Not only did I find miles of downhill singletrack, I saw several other possibilities. Gonna have to go back and check it out some more!

Saturday, September 17
Going Commando
Long day today, up before dawn, In Vail at 9, did Commando. Not all the leaves are turning yet, but soon. This is an great ride, you get way more dh than climbing, and the trail has all the best multiple personalities. Tough climb, great views, swoopy, technical. Good stuff.

Friday, September 16
Stolen Pic
Had to share a stolen pic. Says a lot, eh?

Wednesday, September 14
disco side
Evening ride
It's that time of the year where I don't have after work rides, I have evening rides, where I'm trying to make the most of the daylight I've got after work. So, tonihgt, a Mr. Chi, who sold his mountain bike after a ride he and I did in yellow aspens near Ned TWO years ago. He bought a new bike this week to replace it, and is stoked to be riding again. Here you go:

Last night, it was raing and thunder til I went to bed. This morning, snow on the divide.
Monday, September 12
(Click the link)

I need a good light for Moab. I currently have 2 half-assed lights. These look like a good deal. Advise? Anyone else running HID now?
Sunday, September 11
Gem Lake
No biking today. Hiking in RMNP.

Friday, September 9
A little humor for you. Always good to crack a smile or two here or there when things get tough.

The ride back from the Cave was purdy good. Some said it was harder than the 162 !? We sure did miss bigmech and JRA on the ride back. We did have a couple new smiling faces though and showin got his first century in! ON GRAVEL! Way to go!

Catchin up on the week. I had a wedding to go to on Saturday thats why i had to miss going to the Black Hills and meeting up with the Ganzels. Maybe nexts time we can make it. I now its a little early but happy one year of marriage! Me and D fee zee were walking from the cornhusker to get supplies when we flagged down CVO he pedalled us around to cliffs and then to the ATM and right on back to the Cornhusker for the reception. Thanks buddy we didn't have to get all sweaty till we hit the dance floor.
Wednesday, September 7
More SD vacation pics. No dead presidents were harmed,

View from the campsite:

Ride from the campsite:

Needle's Eye

Twolaning it.

Last picture, almost sunset over our mountains: