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Wednesday, September 14
29er Gunnar
Blogger debaser said...
Tommy Lee rocks the Beastie's cover!


Blogger Chaybo said...
'moss green', but it sure in the hell looks like celeste to me

Blogger Wolfman said...
Just got done truing the front wheel on the Jamis. I have been using it to commute, running Michelin wild grippers on the front and rear. Why do we care you ask? Because I just got ran over in the cross walk at 48th & Old Cheney. Yes I had the walk, dosen't f'ing matter. Yes I was super defensive entering the cross walk. Dosen't f'ing matter! The dumbass never looked to the right. That seems to be a very bad habit with drivers and something I am very conscience about, therefore, very cautious with. There was oncoming traffic headed west which he would have to yeild for, right? Didn't f'ing matter! He would have cut them off too! That is why I went to began with, I didn't think the dumbass would go...he did!! He was very appologetic, didn't f'ing matter!! And get this!, said he went because the guy in front of him went so he thought it was clear!! That's why I was so hesitant in the first place because that a-hole cut me off!!!!! I haven't been able to chew anyone's ass out since the was kinda nice spitting in someones face while yelling at him, utilizing the perverbial "F" bomb, to let him know what I think of his new f-ing "Husker" red Caddy, his polyester lounge suit and greased back hair!!

Thanx for listening! Be 'xtra' careful out there!!

Blogger J.R.A. said...
Chad, is it yours? Or is it sold?

How are you going to build it up?
Looks great. I almost went w/ a gunnar. But was directed towards the Seven.

Sorry, that SUCKS. Are you alright?


Blogger mw said...
yeah. you allright???

Blogger mw said...
disk tabs on the ride? multiple gears?

wait till you see my next post!


Blogger debaser said...
Sucktacular on the bike v. car thing.

More pics please! Looks sweet!

Blogger Chaybo said...
nope not mine, but it sure sold me as soon as i opened the box. So i've got one on order also !

THIS one is gonna have a zoke sl on the front, XT components w/ lotsa gears, avid discs, PINK king hs, a flat bar that is wide and likes to sweep (any suggestions?), HOPE Bulb hubs laced up to CR18 rims. okay ? Lose any hide ?

JRA...hmmmmmm, let me think for a sec., titanium seven OR steel Gunnar ?????? uuhhhhh, dude...i think you came out on top on that one.

Blogger redstone said...
Damn, Matt. OK? How'd the bike fare - just the wheel? I would've like to seen you pulling Army sarge on that guys ass.

Sweet bike Chaybo. I like the color, too. So, you building up a 29er?

Blogger bikebuff said...
I am the proud owner of that beautiful green machine! Thanks Chaddie for brining her in, I can not wait to start building her up. If you make a mess on my bike, I understand, just wipe it up.

Blogger Chaybo said... mess here. I've got damn good aim.