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Saturday, April 30
Lyons Fat Tire Five is coming. Memorial Day '05. Get ready. Remember last year?
Friday, April 29

gettin' ready for the first ride. spuds keeping an eye open for anything that drops. Rick B joined us up to Lake Como (sore shoulder), heck of a nice guy and he was leading us up the hills in a hurry. good guy to have some brews with and listen to some stories. Posted by Hello
Thursday, April 28
First impressions!

This is a whole new world! First time on Full suspension, disk brakes, and nine speeds! The bike feels real comfortable. By the end of the weekend and nearly 100 miles in the dirt i felt like i was pedalling this bicycle uphill a little better. Pointing it downhill just left a big smile on my face. So many more lines are available now! Cornering at fast and slow speeds seemed good. Oh and i won't be building many more rim braked bicycles! I love having the big ass tires mounted up can't wait to let them roll down the trail at the fat tire fest! Dave are we hitting krosier again? Please! This bike makes me want to drive down to WP and hit the Mountain Goat trail like back in the day!

bigMech ridin' Como! thanks for the profile info.  Posted by Hello

this is what i had waiting for me up at the barn. DT swiss 340 wheels,Fox float RLC 100, Fox RP3 rear, XTR rear der. and Shram front der. Chad had it set up perfect for me when we got up there. i had time for one quick brew and up the hill for the first run. thing rides like a couch on sweet wheels. everything i read was right on... climbs like a goat and descends like a jaguar!! in my case sometimes, an uncontrollable jag!! (no comment!) i have great respect and an understanding for full suspension and what it is used for. what a place to try out the new rig!! thanx for a great ride Chad!  Posted by Hello
Paging Bdiddy: Post a ride report already!!!
And some more pics! Hurry up damnit!

Finally there!! The barn was a welcome sight! Posted by Hello

This the sunset in WY, just before Wolfman drove through the snow.  Posted by Hello

Lake Como, southside I believe?, right after the moose sighting and just before the big rock to the right (kinda out of the pic) wanted some of my DNA. ouch! Posted by Hello
Wednesday, April 27
Trip Details

I'll try and give a little more trip details since we have been posting pics and videos in no real order. Friday was spent building bikes and drinking beer :) We took one break when a customer stopped in he rode his Nishiki alien out to the barn and we all had to check it out. I always wanted one of those weird things. hmmmm not sure why just really liked them maybe i liked the alpinestar better. Later we went down to the local brewery and tied one on! Carried home a 5 gallon keg and had a bonfire under a full moon! Seemed like Chaybo ordered up perfect weather for the lincoln peeps snow the weekend before and snow the day after we left but just down right perfect the entire time we were there!

Rest of the story is in the comments......................................
btw, this beer kicks ass. If it was 75 and sunny outside instead of 50 and raining, it'd be perfect. But if the weather was that good I wouldn't have bagged on the ride today.  Posted by Hello
You know when how you can fill out those forms at stores to win something and you never win? And if you do win its something lame like a Heinakin golf bag? Not this time!! So.. Posted by Hello

get your bike built up and you can test it out on this nice little gravel road hill across from the barn. MJ, SH and I climbed this about four times Fri night between beer, darts and watching BK building up his baby. I don't know the distance of the climb but it was about 41.7 mph straight to the bottom! BTW I have 22 points!!  Posted by Hello
If you plan on watching this more than once please Right click on the link and choose save target as and download it to your hard drive. I have a monthly limit for downloads and would like to share more videos! I guess i'll see how this goes and if it's something that everyone digs maybe i'll pass around the old donation hat!

Here is another vid of magic rockin the Hard Tail !
well, this is your last chance to have your significant other hit on. your last chance to attend a party where bad 70's and 80's music will be played in its entireity. flash adams is moving to florida on may 16th. party this saturday, possibly at his home (just off the buffalo trail at sw15th). possbily catered by davinci's and keg provided. bring your bikes and lights, he lives real close to wilderness. more details to follow.

CD giving me lessons on riding the rockies of MT. Posted by Hello

BK testing out the new wheels. Posted by Hello

First ride of the weekend, around Lake Como  Posted by Hello
Relaxing on vacation!

Well we got back from vacation yesterday and i'm still one tired mofo. MISSION ACCOMPLISED! Day one magic cruising down McCarthy loop. I was building up my bike while the rest of these yahoo's were riding all over the neighborhood. I'll post some pics from day two soon. You can bet your sweet ass there are a few trail pics!

Spent Friday afternoon in the barn bike building.
Monday, April 25
Good ride today
Today was a great day for a ride. I was able to get out early to beat the weather. I went out of town, too :). It was a beautiful morning.

Fat Tire Fest V is coming up. We may get some time to hit the stash:

The elves have been at work.

The critters have been at work, too.

Sunday, April 24
View from the trail: 14'ers ringing the valley, you can see 'S' mountain in the lower right, sitting above Salida.. Posted by Hello
Three years ago this was all dry. Good to see some snow up there, sad that we had to posthole a mile or so to get to the goods! I'll take that and the rain all day today, we need it. Posted by Hello
Some super goodness down in the Salida regions: The glorious Rainbow trail.  Posted by Hello
Thursday, April 21
hey kids, friends, and family......i'm usually not ever one to tote on my own pole, but i figured you all might enjoy....
Tuesday, April 19
Redstone ride tonight - 9 people, Hall Ranch, Super fun.  Posted by Hello
Sunday, April 17

Okay I am leaving the door open for comments on this one! This is the guy who is wondering when the first argument is going to happen on the way up to MT. He couldn't even get dressed, let alone, unload his bicycle out of the back of the truck for fear of a couple wasp that would buzz by to say hello. That's right!, his wife had to unload and reload the truck and even relocate the truck that would put him out of harms way. By the way, thanx Bdiddy for sacrificing your arm to unlock my truck with the ingenious idea of the TWIG!! Made the cold ones taste even better!! Posted by Hello

Big Mech working the single speed at Platte. Posted by Hello