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Friday, April 1
Commuting to work
My number of days of commuting to work is on the increase. I am purdy happy with myself. This week and last week i had four days. Well i guess i have to make it home this afternoon to call it four days. This is the time of year when i usally slip up and underdress for the morning commute in. I wake up like not even 25% awake when i check the forcast and look out the window. Hmmmmmmm sunny out right now (6-6:30 am) forcast says high of 58 degrees hey thats shorts wheather! Welp not for a few more hours and i discover this on the first three block downhill. Holycrappers its cold i need some pants gloves and hat! Darn April sunshine at 6 am is always fooling me. Oh well i've got a bunch of coffee in me now and my kneecaps are all thawed out. Forecast calls for a NW wind of 18 mph at 4 pm thats a tailwind all the way home for me!

Happy commuting

Blogger scott showen said...
i hear ya man, that cool air is a big slap in the face at 6 in the morning...