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Wednesday, April 27
You know when how you can fill out those forms at stores to win something and you never win? And if you do win its something lame like a Heinakin golf bag? Not this time!! So.. Posted by Hello
Blogger bdiddy said...
Cool nice little package of clothing what contest? I know somebody that just won a bike that %@#^&&&$####@er!

Blogger debaser said...
just your general fill out your name sort of form at the local likker (cue mg) store. I just looked at cocyclist, retail is ~300 on clothes alone. Good news is that the women's stuff fits Zana. Men's jersey shows off my belly a bit much for my taste.

anyone need a $60 tune up or two?

Blogger redstone said...
Nice score, Bryan. I could break down all the technical features of the garments, but I know y'all wouldn't want to hear that bs. The Ultrasensors are super nice, though, despite the blue stitching. 2 $60 tune ups? Nice. Heck, I'd take your bikes in - easier than doing it yourself!

Blogger mw said...
you said belly. now i wanna see it!