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we like bikes!
Sunday, October 29
Ribbon, Andy's. Good.

Saturday, October 28
If I take that right hand at I70...
a few hours later I get here.

Busted out some loops at 18 Road.
Wednesday, October 25
Prime Rib
There's beef, and there's beef from the cow. Dave and Mary hooked us up for the DeMin's going away shindig. Twelveish pounds of buttery beefy bliss. Thank you.

Saturday, October 21
A package
I've loved cigar boxes since I can remember. My grandpa used to smoke White Owls, and I would get the boxes. This box came from my father in law yesterday, no, not full, but full enough for how much I smoke 'em. A clue to how he got them on the bottom.

Good to be single.
Good to be single on a day like today. Hit the local loop a bit too late - it was warm enough to melt the snow from last night, cold enough to freeze my toes.

Friday, October 20
townie time
Karl broke his Lightspeed a bit ago and built up a Flux. The Flux is a great bike but just wasn't what Karl needed for fast dirt road rides and getting to work. He warrantied his Unicoi and went about collecting some parts for it. This was one of the most enjoyable projects I've had in a long time. At one point during the project, Karl told me that this would be his townie. Sweet townie, Karl.

Thursday, October 19
Monday, October 16
so, i decided to abort the "beer ride" in lincoln on saturday night. as i was heading home, i took a barrage of small arms fire from an air gun. just near 28th and d, right by the little service road on the northeast side of 27th and capital parkway. i knew i was hit, but it didnt hurt, i think the backpack saved me some pain(plus it was in the left butt cheek). i tried to catch up to the car, but it had a green light and sped away. be on the lookout for a small blue 4 door neon/honda type car, full of 3 little punks. i wish the werewolf would have been there with me to plan a counterattack. be careful out there.
Sunday, October 15
Aqueduct Trail
Even though it's a 20 minute drive from town, I havn't made it here in 5 years? Huh? Headed out with Pablo and Karl and Steve. Earlier this summer, we went on a ride where I put a bug in Karl's ear about the Aquaduct, and now he's put together a sweet 3 hour loop through there. A doubletrack, singletrack, and full on bushwacking mix.

Saturday, October 14
The weather babes said it would be 70 today, so I thought I'd head west and enjoy the mountains since it was bound to be a great day. It was pretty great, but it sure wasn't 70! I stopped a couple times coming down to warm up my fingers.

Friday, October 13
even more details

shots of the fder routing, linkage, and 2.5 kenda dh casing tires on DT 6.1 rims.
a few details

adjustable 68/68.5/69 deg headtube. And adjustable chainstay length with 135 X 12 rear thru axle.
more cushion for the pushin

i got a good chance to bring in a Knolly creation straight from the I-bike show so i jumped. I've been drooling over Noel's creations for a hell-a-fide long time since i really do think he's making some of the coolest shit. Getting the bike home, built, and on home turf has turned my into a 20 year old again. It's amazing how bikes turns back the clock to more youthful times. The bike allowed me to pick more creative lines that were honestly never there before with shorter travel or less burley designed bikes. But at 38's a chunky sum-bitch that i really wouldn't want as my do it all bike. So....i'm keeping her around for shuttles, dh, and the trip or two up to fernie that we try to do each year. Check out the squish.
Monday, October 9
props to JRA!
Mary, the kids and I were back in Lincoln this weekend for a wedding. I had a couple of minutes to kill. on Saturday after dropping Mary and Zoe off at the hair place. I was south, so I stopped in Blues at 33rd and Pioneers. JRA was working. We got talking about sweet t shirts (I was sportin' my new Red Barn shirt). When the subject of the old Navy Honker Hangar shirts came up, Shawndaddy opens up his Jim C issued Blues work shirt to reveal the HH shirt underneath. Sweet baselayer Shawn, and thanks for ridin' the soul shirt next to the skin.

Other than that, the wedding was fun and Wilderness was sweet. I still can't get over the fact that Wilderness sees a ton of traffic and still remains 8" wide. MG led it up in usual style. We went all the way out to Saltillo road, too. I hadn't done that in about forever.
happy bday Tracilla

here are a few pics from tracy's bday ride yesterday. Happy birthday honey, and thanks for the ride !
Monday, October 2

got a nice early morning longee on saturday. didn't have the legs, or the gears to really keep up with the group so mg and i (thanks mg) headed back to town short of the mileage that the group got. i felt sort of shorted by myslef, so i made up for it on sunday by riding to platte and then up to bellevue. mod told me that the bellevue loop trail circumnavigated the air force base and ended up at hayworth park in old town bellevue so i did that. came in just short of 100. even went by the glass church. perfect weather. platte was bitchin too.
Sunday, October 1
Moab was fun
I rode Porcupine Rim on Saturday. We shuttled up into the La Salls to start the ride. By the time we reached the top of Porcupine rim, there was already an hour of descending under out belt. It was an epic day, especially fun given that this bike was my weapon of choice:

Turner's new 29er Sultan is surely something else, but I'll have more on that later. I just got home and wanted to share a couple of pics before I crash for the night.

Riding Porcupine Rim with a bunch of Freeridery type guys gave me a new appreciation for some non traditional lines. This is Steve Went, a Boulder area Pro DHer that is sponsored by Turner.
He is a really good rider.
The Wayback Machine
i'm excited to head back to Nebraska. I found myself dug into a box of pics and ran across these. The tan van, oh how I miss those days of 6 mpg.