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Saturday, October 21
Good to be single.
Good to be single on a day like today. Hit the local loop a bit too late - it was warm enough to melt the snow from last night, cold enough to freeze my toes.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Is that mirror on a Bike trail?

Blogger debaser said...
On a bike path in town - a driveway crosses it on a blind corner. The mirror's for the cars, not bikes. It's near the most switchbacked bike path ever.

Blogger mw said...
so did you get to ride in the dirt? or it was too muddy?

nice pics. that mirror shot is a winner.

Blogger debaser said...
It was a mixed bag out there. Lots of time spent commecting up little sections of trail. It's a good mix from home. Sunday was better, Hall Ranch, single, rigid, hurtful, fun.

Blogger Chaybo said...
this is a pretty cool pic.

that snow looks nice tooo.

Blogger skinny d said...
i just want to compliment you on the photos on this blog. they are always primo photos, never a poor shot. keep up the good work!