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Friday, October 13
more cushion for the pushin

i got a good chance to bring in a Knolly creation straight from the I-bike show so i jumped. I've been drooling over Noel's creations for a hell-a-fide long time since i really do think he's making some of the coolest shit. Getting the bike home, built, and on home turf has turned my into a 20 year old again. It's amazing how bikes turns back the clock to more youthful times. The bike allowed me to pick more creative lines that were honestly never there before with shorter travel or less burley designed bikes. But at 38's a chunky sum-bitch that i really wouldn't want as my do it all bike. So....i'm keeping her around for shuttles, dh, and the trip or two up to fernie that we try to do each year. Check out the squish.
Blogger redstone said...
Sweet! Let's see some more up close shots of that linkage. Is that Camas? Good test trail for that bike, at least going down.

Blogger Chaybo said...
sleeping child trail just up the road from the house. It's a good test too.

Uphill rocks...turn around a 180deg and you have downhill rocks.

With momentum...anything is possible.

Blogger Chaybo said...
welp, maybe not ANYTHING.

Blogger debaser said...
I don't know about all that other fancy stuff, but the color is uber-dope.

Funny Dave, I was looking at the trail and thought it looked like it could have been either ride I did when I was up there.

Blogger bigmech said...
I loved riding that trail Chad. It still makes me laugh watching the video of Mike cussing when he hit that last rock.

Oh, the bike is cool too. I can imagine that would be sweet on the rough stuff.