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Wednesday, August 30
old spokes

wills....thanks for the inspiration to screw around with some wheels tonite. The old Iver wheels were unlaced and while i was busy unthreading the old brass nipples i noticed and realised a few things. One of the first things that caught my attention were the two tack nails to hold the rim tape down. Damn...that's pretty cool. I'm going to have to copy the techniqu after i finish the rebuild . But before i do.....i'm thinking a light sanding with a very fine sand paper and then a fresh coat of clear laquer.

But as i was unthreading and neatly stacking all of these old spokes, a thought crossed my mind....what do i do with them all. I can't simply throw away the 91 year old spokes, hell they've done their jobs to damn well. On the other hand....they're too damn old and rusty to reuse on the new build. I almost feel like i need to pay respect as they've gone and done their job without recognition. So tonite i raise my can of kokane to the old soldiers. Job well done fellas. Job well done.

peace out
Ricky McG all smiles in the three oh three
Risking life and limb by traveling further west than the archway in Kearney has to be rewarded with something, right? A bike ride in Golden fit the bill pretty well. Dino Ridge and Red Rocks looped together tonight for a stellar ride.

Monday, August 28
vaca!?! party!?!
lots of great pics recently. all i got is some cross lacing action for the commuter...

but this keeps me company...
Sunday, August 27
Did someone say party?
I think it was advertised as an open house, but when the roadies are drinking beer and camping under the stars the night before the state champs, it's a party. Especially when everyone has a big ol' grin.

The Band
Not THE Band, but a great band nonetheless.

Friday, August 25
Is it trail worthy?
Thursday, August 24
did i mention the hotsprings

more singletrack

adams gulch to oregon gulch
5 nights in the skamp

modern convienences of the 4 cyl.
stanley for lunch

and a beer or two

stanley/ketchum...yum...yum. The drive over
Sunday, August 20
Singletrack relief.
After a week in the big city this is just what the dr. ordered.

Saturday, August 19
The Met
Since I've been going yo the big apple for work, I've been trying to take advantage of what's there. The Met is simply world class - Greek sculpture, Picasos, Monets, POllacks, etc etc. I've read that to see everything it takes about 3 days. I was there for 3 hours.

Friday, August 18
Jeff Tweedy in Lyons
This weekend is the Folk Festival down at Planet Bluegrass. These are the same guys that put on the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. They have a big ol spread in Lyons and they have some fests here, too. July is Rockygrass, a local hardcore bluegrass show that's 3 days long. Well, it's now August and time for Folks Fest. This weekend is a super solid line up. Headline for Friday is Jeff Tweedy from Wilco and Saturday is the legendary Kris Kristofferson. Sunday is Ani DiFranco.

Jeff Tweedy was great tonight. Here's a pic of me and my new bud, Jeff.

Marley was kind of fussey so Z and I walked down to the show just the 2 of us. We had a great time, singin' and dancin'. I'd like to say the show rocked, but it was all acoustic. You know what I mean, though. Tweedy was on point. Backstage passes = free beer, too, so things were/are good!
who's gettin the brew-ha-ha

beer thirty.... the beer bike. Kirk fetchin it with apron still on. Hurry back buddy !
Thursday, August 17

Some rain clouds in the Northern Rockies.
Wednesday, August 16
O street cruiser!

I treated chaybo to a show last night. Galatic played out side at a place called the other side in Missoula. We closed up shop a little early to make the 40 minute drive North. When We met up with a third party member for the group Bret. He had the the most important ingrediant for out night out on the town. Three bar cruisers including chaybos pick of the three shown above. I dubbed it the O street warrior. It was a perfect blend of streets to trails with perfect navigation to the show which was already in progress. Thanks Bret! Bikes are cool! Even beater bikes. Man those things were limping along. Welp on the way over to the show we found a dirt track. Get your scorchers ready for the first dirty thirteen montana style!
Tuesday, August 15
Camping last weekend of Aug
We're heading to Taylor Park (between Buena Vista and Crested Butte) the last weekend of Aug. I'll be closing the shop for the weekend so we can ride Friday, Sat, and Sunday. Lots of high elevation singletrack is on tap. If anyone wants to come out and ride/camp/hang out, let me know!
Monday, August 14
a couple mo'

a couple more pics
1915 Iver Johnson

man-o-man.....i haven't been this stoked to have a new bike since i recieved my first greeen machine in 1975. A 1915 Iver johnson could be about as rare as a find as they come complete with wood rims, skip tooth drive, leather wrapped wood grips, and a fresh nickel plating on every piece of metal. A frame that is immaculate with no dents or dings and absolutely not a crack within it. the owners manual is a hard covered edition with original prices and specs. The envelope underneath the first page says it was purchased in Butte MT from Stearns Bicycle Shop. damn, i'm in heaven.

here's a few pics of the current state:
Saturday, August 12
8 till 2

hit up the near full moon last night. Shuttle, 28 miles, 4 hrs riding, 2 hours watching the moon.