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Wednesday, August 16
O street cruiser!

I treated chaybo to a show last night. Galatic played out side at a place called the other side in Missoula. We closed up shop a little early to make the 40 minute drive North. When We met up with a third party member for the group Bret. He had the the most important ingrediant for out night out on the town. Three bar cruisers including chaybos pick of the three shown above. I dubbed it the O street warrior. It was a perfect blend of streets to trails with perfect navigation to the show which was already in progress. Thanks Bret! Bikes are cool! Even beater bikes. Man those things were limping along. Welp on the way over to the show we found a dirt track. Get your scorchers ready for the first dirty thirteen montana style!
Blogger Chaybo said...
dat ting wuzza wheeeeelie'n maa-CHINE !

and galactic. good times.