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Tuesday, August 15
Camping last weekend of Aug
We're heading to Taylor Park (between Buena Vista and Crested Butte) the last weekend of Aug. I'll be closing the shop for the weekend so we can ride Friday, Sat, and Sunday. Lots of high elevation singletrack is on tap. If anyone wants to come out and ride/camp/hang out, let me know!
Blogger debaser said...
what rides?

Blogger redstone said...
Check out on a map. I 'spect we'll camp somewhere dispersed near the N side of Taylor Res.

ride - from camp, we can ride N, than NE on jeep rd to the Timberline Trail. Take Timberline S to the Gunny Spur of CO trail and take that back down to the road then back to camp.

ride - shuttle day. ride N of camp, then hit the remainder of the Gunnison Spur of the CO trail. That's trail 424. It starts by where we'll be camping and heads all the way south. Doctor Park is the last 5 miles of this 25 mile singletrack. Should be sweet.

Don't know what ride #3 will be. Open to suggestions.

Blogger redstone said...
I talked to some CB locals today and I'm rethinking Taylor Park. I'd still like to do the Gunny Spur shuttle, though.

How about camping in the Cement Creek area? That way, we'll be by the reno/flag/deadman/bearcreek stuff as well as some other cool stuff that I was recently informed about. Sposed to be some good dispersed camping in there, too.