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Friday, February 25
Bored at work?
I am. This day could not end soon enough.
Full Moon Last Night.

The full moon last night from the Holmes lake Dam.

moonrider route

The Thursday evening full moon was in full effect. I started just off of Neva Road, the parking lot at the very furthest point. The trail meandered south around a lake and eventually made it's way all of the way into the foothills just north of Boulder. From there, turnaround, then back into the Boulder Reservoir Area, and North again, this time around the east side of the lake and thru some pasture land and trophy homes. Finally, after just a short time on the road and I was back to the car. It was a great ride.

I had my lights, but it was so bright that I rode without them all of the way to my turnaround point in Boulder. The moon was so bright that there were times I was chasing my shadow down the trail. From the car and around the West side of the lake, the singletrack was baby's butt smooth and made of a hardpack swath about 10" wide. I never remembered that trail being so good!

I was on the Flux tonight - man, that's a real way to test out how intuitive a bike feels! I was big ringing a moonlight ribbon of singletrack with no lights and felt completely at home on the Flux. It just felt right, you know. Anyway, we're meeting up for some riding on Sunday AM, too.

Hope everyone out there has some good rides this weekend!
Thursday, February 24

I couldn't resist sharing this picture....the paint job on it is incredible. A little too much travel for my midwestern brothers, but still a beautiful frame none-the-less. Later, Chad Posted by Hello
bikes in wilderness in our lifetime?
This story in the latest Dirt Rag is a super interesting read. It's a long one but a good one. IMBA released a press release, somewhat in accordance with this a couple weeks ago. Check it out here.

I never thought to much about legally designated "Wilderness" until I moved to CO. There's a ton of great terrain that would be fantastic to ride, but all falls under the Wilderness blanket and we're outlaws in it's regard.

Wednesday, February 23

7 update....jay's bike goes to paint ! Powder coat a ti frame almost sounds criminal ! Lookin good tho.  Posted by Hello
Tuesday, February 22
Collected Winnings!

Went down to L.B.C. with the Wolfman to pick up his Filmore. They sized him up and ordered him in a 61 cm. Yup that boys got some long legs! Bike looks good and Matt had a purdy big smile to go along with his free bike. It could be a little to fast to ride to the bar? We should find out soon. Got Scott in the pic here with the wolfman I'm not sure if Scott built the bike. Friggin lucky ticket holding SOB! Wish I would have won the dam thing. Oh well at least i get to pep it on a ride every once and a while!

16 tooth freewheel and 13 tooth fixed gear.
Monday, February 21
A buddy that lives in MN works on this website. I'm even streaming it right now on my uber-crappy dial up. Bdiddy: see the Sharon Jones link.

It's cold in the mini apples.

Hail Mojo!

That is all.
re: Fruita Trip
Fruita - who all here is going? Any of the old school, Honker Hangar crew besides Bryan and I? Just curious...

Anyway, this just in - The Pablo family will be joining us (sort of) P & A are bringing Ella and plan to trade off riding and kid watching. They may or may not camp depending on how courageous little Ella is - hotel may be a necessary evil. Anway, regardless of family, Pablo would like to ride for a day. He told me he's in no kind of shape to ride all of the Mary's Loop trails in one day, but would love to join us for half of that romp or something in GJ.

Just thought I'd throw that up.

Here's something else I've been daydreaming of... I'd like to ride 100% of the Mary's Loop stuff - Step out onto Rustlers for a short warm up cruise. Then, on to the rocky drop descents and buttery smooth sections of Horsetheif. Back out of Horsetheif, then onward to Steve's Loop and Handcuffs. Enjoy the sweet scenery of the Colorado River inlet canyons and start climbing up Lions Loop over to Troy Built. Down Kokopellis/Troy Built's blazing fast and steep singletrack all the way to the river. Turn around and climb out of the Colorado River bottom and back up Lion's Loop to Mack Ridge. Roll the top Mack Ridge and drop down it's bone jarring rocks over one the day's final climb (the most technical of the day) on Moore Fun, then play pinball on the rocks and surf the ribbon of singletrack down to the one last booter of the day, kicking us on to the service road and back to the car.

Would anyone be up for tempting fate on that one. Big mileage, much smileage.
Sunday, February 20
Nerd Rope?
Welp another good weekend no pics from me this time! Sierra turned 4 Saturday so we had a B-day party at the eggar indoor play center on 27th and A street. We had the joint filled up pretty good. Zoe and the Montana Trio would have had a good time and they were surely missed! They have a carpeted area around the play maze thing and it was looking like a tricyle crit in there I avoided being hit a few times. The kids got pretty juiced up and played hard but Dad fell asleep at 9pm?

I didn't get to ride on Saturday. I called the crew and set up a meeting time and place and it started raining. So I had to back out to help with the bday stuff. The crew meet up in the afternoon for a ride though and they all showed up for the party.

We planned a ride at the party for Sunday and we got it hooked up! 6 man crew heading out into grey skies wind and purdy soft gravel roads. Boy I was like the human Yo-Yo of the back of the group today. I think i was doing tricks back there like walk the dog :0 Thanks guys for bringing back to the group. Well the the turnaround point was the store in Malcolm. We picked up one more rider for the way back. We all got some pop and snacks and sat down inside to gobble them up! I look across the way and mg is pulling this crazy friggin thing out of the package. I was a Nerd Rope? 12" Sour gummy worm coated in Nerd candy! I was amazed! mg must have main lined that thing because as soon as he hit the road he was gone! I didn't see em for the rest of the ride!

It was good to get out with a group that size. I enjoyed the conversation and the pedaling as well. I seemed to have been bit with the bike bug earley and hard. I just can't wait to get out and ride my BIKE!
it was snow and mud here

Hall Ranch - Lyons, Colorado

The first bit of the day's ride was muy bueno. 7:45 and frozen ground. Just past the point of this pic, the park turned into a muddy mess. We turned around. I went home and had to hose down the Flux. Good ride, though. In the pic, that's Miguel on his rigid single Wiley 29er.
Saturday, February 19
Location: Green Mountain in Golden.  Posted by Hello
Friday, February 18
NOS Croll on Ebay?!

So debaser won the 14.5" Croll that has been on Ebay for the last week! I have been looking at that thing all week and even showed it to Mel. Damn beer, bikes, and fun! I was having such a good time last night I forgot all about the darn thing. Well its probably better this way. It would have sucked to have been bidding heads up with a homeboy! You got a super sweet deal on that thing and I can't wait to see it built up over the memorial weekend! Here's another Croll picture to tide you over while you wait for the guy in the big brown truck!

I tried to post this with the other two pics but it didn't post. Dan's newly aquired 3RENSHO! It's got a mix of campy OR and first gen XT. He told me to go take it for a spin I should have done it damn!

Monkey wrench custom SS chainguards get em at a dealer near you! Here is mine getting the the size lazer etched onto it. MW94BCD36. Thanks Dan!

Check out the pump peg and if ya gotta carry your bike comfy!

Mick you can't take Hoss settle down!
Thursday, February 17
Zana's birthday present Posted by Hello
Wednesday, February 16
Back in Black.......................

Bar tape that is!!!!! I have never had anything but celeste bar tape on this bike. Decided to change it up a little new tape, seat, rims! Man i can't wait to ride this bike maybe this weekend? Paging Hightop! Let's ride dude. I was going to call you back but it was to late. Uh call me at work. Did anyone else get outside today? Wolfman and I road out to the blue tower on east vandorn and then over to eagle. We hit a section of minimum maintenance that wasn't ready to be ridden yet! Got a little mud on our bikes oh well it was mostly clay let it dry and it breaks off in big chunks. We hit the mud and then shortly after we were on the mopac heading back to town and the wolfman smiles and says "My tires look like powdered dougnuts" It was pretty darn funny at the time. The mopac was real soft but didn't throw anything up on the bikes which is strange because at the very least you get dusted. Got home and had to get some bike repair done. Man my cross bike has the hand me down parts that still look all pretty and shit because they have spent most of there life on a road bike. The rear hub on that damn bike comes loose every once and a while. Could it be because the bikes been through wilderness a bunch? Or becauseI jump it off of curbs with cups of hot coffee bolted to the handlebar? Or maybe because it was on a road bike for three years who's owner used for everyday milage? Well this cheap son of a gun is just gonna tighten them up every 3-6 months and bitch about it everytime I have to do it! It is a cross bike after all.

Looked at the pic again and reminded me of pantani. Didn't dude die like a year ago almost to the day?
Tuesday, February 15
Merlin Roots!

I was surfing tonight in a few of my normal hangouts and came across a link to this bad boy! Seems Merlin is only going to make 50 in one size only. Dude it has a Rohloff hub that marvel alone has to be close to $1K. If she was mine I would trim the cables down just a little bit. I always wanted a newsboy. Looks like my chances of getting one these are even less.
I have been browsing this site for some time but have never ordered anything from them they sell indies posted and shipped directly from the artist. So far all I have received is a comformation email but it was funny as shit so i thought i would share it with everyone. By the way debaser i noticed that they have most of the pixies live shows on disk from this year in their catalog thought you might be interested in some of that action. I wasn't expecting anything like this so far it seems like a cool place to get music. Maybe more money in the pockets of the artists? Tell what you think has anybody ever done any business with these people? I give more details on the purchase as it is completed.

Bdiddy -

Thanks for your order with CD Baby!

Your CD has been gently taken from our CD Baby shelves with sterilized contamination-free gloves and placed onto a satin pillow. A team of 50 employees inspected your CD and polished it to make sureit was in the best possible condition before mailing. Our packing specialist from Japan lit a candle and a hush fell overthe crowd as he put your CD into the finest gold-lined box that moneycan buy. We all had a wonderful celebration afterwards and the whole partymarched down the street to the post office where the entire town ofPortland waved 'Bon Voyage!' to your package, on its way to you, in our private CD Baby jet on this day, Monday, February 14th. I hope you had a wonderful time shopping at CD Baby. We sure did. Your picture is on our wall as 'Customer of the Year'. We're allexhausted but can't wait for you to come back to CDBABY.COM!!Thank you once again, Derek Sivers, president, CD Babythe little CD store with the best new independent music

phone: 1-800-448-6369

Gripshift Sucks!
They suck.

It's been a good six or seven months since I've ridden with twist shifters. Yesterday I was ghost shifting whenever I wasn't paying attention and it sucked. Super sucked! Now, I won't be jumping ship to Shimano, because I do like the sram x series triggers, but twisting will become a memory of mine in the nearish future.

That's all. Just thought I'd share.
Sunday, February 13
Caught in it's natural habitat! Posted by Hello
Saturday, February 12
Is four enough, Chaybo? Maybe you could send some?  Posted by Hello

There was a pre party at the Wrench. Two 5 gallon keggers monkey piss and monkey nut. Purdy good stuff. This was shortly after five we were meeting up with the magics to get some grub before the flick. It was the most people i've seen in there yet. We got done eating alot earlier that we thought some we decided that we would go back to the wrench and see if there was any beer left. When we came back there were twice the number of people kinda like a bike shop house party! Got another beer and Joey (local artist) made a bunch of these cool punk rock stylee bike patches that he gave out Thanks dude I'll be rockin mines for sure!

You don't have to look to far to see a bunch of people you know that ride bikes in this room! This is also one of the only times that I can remember having all of the major shop owners in the same room together. We should do it again next weekend!

Kevin introduced the film makers! Kevin and everyone that came together to put this thing on were awesome!

After the movie at the Bricktop! I've got a story about getting this table i'll put er in the comments.............................

The monkey wrench on lock down pic through the window. I'm gonna roll by this morning and spend my $50 gift certificate I won! Nate said I had to use it on a tune up at the bar last night.

It's late! I had a damn good time Lincoln sure does have a cool bike scene! Oh ya and the wolfman won this Lemond Fillmore! He gave the tickets to Melissa because he had to go home. First ticket drawn yup that's right the wolfman. Dude makes his first comment on the blog today and wins a kickass bike. There's carbon up and down this biaaaaatch and the flip flop up. This will be the wolfman what do I want to ride today hmmmmmmmm fixed gear ok no wait i changed my mind I'll ride it single speed. You are a winner if i wasn't such a good friend I would have claimed the darn thing for myself. oh well congrats wolfman I dig this bike alot. I will throw up some details tomorrow gotta crash now.
Friday, February 11

top photo. BTW...fellas i'm goingto be riding it for it's maiden voyage in the morning. Bret geaorge and i are going to ride at coyote coullee a nice trail system that resembles a lollipop. moderately technical w/ no sustained climbs or decents...kinda rollie.  Posted by Hello

proud poppa of a 2005 ElSalty.. Posted by Hello
heh, heh. Here's some more friday porn. Rocks.

This is Dave/Scrublover from MTBR. Yep, he cleaned it.

Lions Gulch. It's a good one. Best thing is you've got to climb this, too.

A frame box comes in and you know it's for you and you've got a bunch of new shiney parts to hang on her...what do you do ?? A 6 pack of brew , some music and some alone time !!!!!! Damb i get so damb giddy over new bikes. Specially Ventana's !!! So i got hooked up with a custom paint job and i asked for brown...hhmmm, i'm not sure what color it is actually but i like it ! The fork is cushy, the rear is cushy...damb, now i just have to wait a little while to try it out on trails like these Posted by Hello