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Saturday, February 19
Location: Green Mountain in Golden.  Posted by Hello
Blogger mw said...
i love green mountain. my old roommates parents used to live off of alameda, on florida street. so i would take my bike out there and ride out the garage across the street to pretty decent mtbing. pretty good. always dry. big rock heats up in the sun. where's the 9er?

Blogger debaser said...
It's on the side of the rail waiting for me to get done taking the pic and head out again.

gm + 9er = goo-ood. A bit rocky, but very xcountry-esque. Much better test fo the new wheels. I'm not sure how much how many truely good things there are about this new bike v. it's a niner. But, it is a new bike, it's treating me well. No drawbacks yet, except for a little weight.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Is that Mic?

Blogger debaser said...
yep. It's been working out well. We go somewhere for a ride, the ladies tag along and go for a hike.