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Thursday, February 3
Got the sign!
Finally got the new sign - I'm super stoked to have it up at the shop. All that's left is dealing with the town on the sign permit (easier said than done) and getting it mounted up. Special thanks to Scott from Bergen Designs for the awesome work! Luckily, Scott's a local and an old bike buddy, so we worked out a pretty agreeable trade.

Blogger debaser said...
Looks very nice.

He's got a bunch of nice looking stuff on his website.

Blogger debaser said...
How big is that?

Blogger bdiddy said...
That's what she said!

he he he

Blogger redstone said...
It's about 3' at the tallest point.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Opps couldn't resist. Sign looks darn good. Makes my back hurt just thinking of you lifting it into place.