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Sunday, February 20
it was snow and mud here

Hall Ranch - Lyons, Colorado

The first bit of the day's ride was muy bueno. 7:45 and frozen ground. Just past the point of this pic, the park turned into a muddy mess. We turned around. I went home and had to hose down the Flux. Good ride, though. In the pic, that's Miguel on his rigid single Wiley 29er.
Blogger mw said...
i've been hoping for the fronzen option here but no go. 40deg won't do it. damm. looks like urban assault with mitch kline in the big O today...

Blogger debaser said...
wow. 1/2 hour south of me it's nearly dry everywhere. 1/2 hour north, it's snow snow snow.

Riding is good no matter where you get it.

Blogger bdiddy said...
I too have been hoping to get into the park with frozen ground! Maybe this week?

Man the thought of riding down the rockgarden at Hall under snow cover kinda spooks me! But I would be willing to give it a try sometime:)

Blogger redstone said...
yeah, some of the things in the rock garden can get a little slick in thawing snow. It's fun when it's snow covered, but you pretty much have to hit it when it's snowing, the snow dissapears so quickly. The Antelope Trail is super fun in the snow. Smoove underneath and lots of switchbacks to whip it around.

Blogger mg said...
hey davey -- can i use that pic on my website? i'm opening a shop in lyons, and need some pics of people actually riding the local shit.

lemme know.

the dumbass lyons, colorado bike shop owner.
(heh heh heh)

Blogger debaser said...
Jeebus, MG, that's brilliant!

Blogger Chaybo said...
sweet ride, and story dave !! BTW...keep the peeps open for a small packaj' from chaybo.

da other shop is sing-ding-a-lingin' from you're bo-zak. and for anyone else that wants to see..check'em , the bunkiest shizzit on the front range.


Blogger mg said...
thanks bg... you know i gotta' make jokes about everything.

... not like that dumbass hasn't set himself up for some abuse. stealing a picture from the competition is bad enough. stealing a picture OF THE COMPETITION (like, literally) is an offense of a whole different level.


Blogger redstone said...
You guys are funny! I talked to the dude last Sat. I played it dumb... "So, what's the name of the shop? Bitterbrush? Cool. You guys should get a website going."

His girlfriend did mention "my awesome website", though. "Oh, you've checked it out?" I say..

I left them scratching their collective heads. (I get the impression that it doesn't take much)