stone cold lampin'
we like bikes!
Sunday, November 25
If I lived here
I'd likely want a small navy of boats: a sea kayak, a canoe, a skiboat, and certainly a few sailboats for good measure.

It's good to be home. Last thing I need is another hobby.
Saturday, November 24
It's that wonderful time ...of the year.

snow....cold...fuckn cold....still smiling on the pugs.
Thursday, November 22

hiker side south half freshies for me
Wednesday, November 21

Elsa and I played hooky Monday and went on a ride (her idea!!) at Buffalo Creek. It was a perfectly warm, sunny day and we practically had the place to ourselves. This was the first ride we've done together this season. Elsa rode well for not having many miles on her legs this year. We dropped down Shinglemill from 550 road, climbed Baldy trail, then descended Gashouse back to 550 road. Man, I love this trail system...
Sunday, November 18
Sweet sweet singletrack
I can't seem to ever get enough of sweet tasty singletrack. Especially with a nice view tossed in the mix.

Against the advice of friends

At the last minute I bailed on taking the Jeep to Fruita. The hitch was stuck in the reciever and I wanted to use the rear rack for the trip. I tried several things to get it out, and even when resorting to a hammer the damn thing wouldn't come out. Anyway, universal opinion said: Don't try to pull it out.

You were all wrong.

Hitching post + tow strap + hitch + 225 Ft-pound of torque and it pulled right out.
Tuesday, November 13
Props to my homies, yo!
1. Butch has a sweet picture of mw in the new Dirtrag. I was pawing through as soon as I grabbed it out of the mailbox this afternoon.

2. Bdiddy, I found you in your bike room wearing latex gloves a few years ago, and you told me I'd understand once I had a kid running around. Yep, now I understand, and it's a sweet trick for keeping my hands clean.
Tuesday, November 6
They rode Murray bikes...sorta like this one...

Yeah, yeah, what a great weekend in Fruita! Some of my photos are here.
Monday, November 5
Dumpster Hinge
Another fall trip in the books.

Saturday, November 3
The JD Trike

It is a 1976 Sear's Free Spirit redone in NOS John Deere paint. I think the front end is off a moped. It is nice and squishy with a sweet drum brake. The rear has a 3-speed shimano. It's a dandy grocery getter.