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Pub Crawl 2007

The John Deere trike with 300 watts/45 lbs of pain.
All Smiles on the Pub Crawl

I Can't believe that I actually talked her into this costume idea...
Friday, October 26
I realized after a tough week of work.,,
One week til Mancation.

Oh how I need this.
Sunday, October 21
Plan D or E?
This weekend we blew through so many plans, I'm still a bit confused about how it all came together. No matter, because after a painful ride on slickrock, a great hike, and a crappy drive over iced over highways, we're all safe at home. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, October 18
Had this sweet bike in for some new drivetrain parts. Remember the Boulder Starship? Who'd have thunk they were from Lyons! I think the stem is a 140mm.

I took it for a couple of hot laps around the block. It actually wasn't too bad. The rear end wasn't the stiffest thing in the world. Other than that, it felt like a softtail with 3" rather than a 3" full suspension. If that makes sense anyway.
Sunday, October 14
See you in May
After a rough week concluding with a nice headcold and 2 hours in the dentist chair Friday, and a forcast of rain down here and snow in the mountains, the weekend wasn't really looking the best. After getting a few chores done Saturday morning, I loaded up, drove through the rain, and went for what will likely be my last Ned ride of the year. The weather up there was cloudy, chilly, but not wet when I started. After about an hour in the woods, the shunderstorms rolled in with not rain, but snow, and 35 degree temps. I bailed back to the car cold but happy. See you next May, Ned.

Thursday, October 11
On the way to the WP show
Wednesday, October 10
Waterton Canyon...
A couple shots from Waterton Canyon Sunday afternoon. Weatherman called for crap conditions...he couldn't have been more wrong...

S-House makes the descent through scrub oak after climbing the first section of CO Trail out of Waterton Canyon...

Climbing back up the CO Trail toward Roxborough State Park...

Next up, Waterton Canyon to Buffalo Creek or Buffalo Creek to Waterton Canyon via CO Trail...can I get a yeahbuddy!
Thursday, October 4
Fall Mancation Part Deux
First weekend in November. Drive out Friday am, ride eat drink sleep repeat til Sunday afternoon. You're invited.
Wednesday, October 3
More Vegas
This is Shawn's impersonation of K-Fed.

Good friends and good times.
Tuesday, October 2
fear and loathing

we mostly loathed
Monday, October 1
Getting Lost
After a few too many weeks of heading into the great known, it was time for a little getting lost.

On a Labor Day Weekend ride, I was running late and had to head off trail to a known road escape route to get back to the Jeep, pronto, to avoid being way too late (I was already plenty late as it was). Cruising along on the road, I saw some movement in the woods and what do I see but 4 riders carrying bikes out of a very ordinary part of the woods. Being late as I was, I mentally marked the spot.

This Sunday I was looking for an off the beaten path adventure, and I found it. A lot of it, and lots more to discover. Think 5 way intersection in the woods - and only time to explore 3 of them.