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Friday, December 26

rick riding the fattie
Sunday, December 21
nebraska for the holiday week(end)
Yo all,

As long as the weather holds, the family and I will be back in Omaha Wed-Sun of the coming week. I'll have my cross bike only since my mtb shifter thumb is out of commission, and we'd love to see some people while we're back. What's going on? Anybody getting together for a ride or some hanging out?

Friday, December 12
Blvd wheat a yia yia's

Wednesday, December 10
atta girl !!
trident that sucka foo !
Wednesday, December 3
We headed back to Washington for Thanksgiving. Used to be, the inlaws had an extra car and I had more free time (no kid), so I'd rent a bike, drive the car out to Capital Forest (super fun) and disappear for an afternoon or two,

Now, the transportation is gone, time is short, but I still need to get away. So, after a very brief deliberation, I shipped the $100 Gt road bike to the inlaws. Tada! Insta-ride from the doorstep. I spent a couple days putting together a nice 20+ mile route, in the rain and 45 degree weather.

It's pretty spectacular road riding. The main road has a 6ft shoulder most of the way, and the neighborhood routes have next to no traffic. Lots of views of the sound between the trees. The side roads and shoulders have a couple interesting factors: wet ground up leaves and moss growing right on the asphalt.

The rest of these are from Steamboat Island, at the end of the road.