stone cold lampin'
we like bikes!
Wednesday, April 29've got it goin' o-o-on.

I had a few pics turn out ok.

This was at one of the lookouts we rode out to on slickrock trail.

Little nip just to thin the blood.

Waiting for Dean after he blew trough the turn for UPS.

Climbing on Amasa Back.

Chad riding the toilet bowl at bartlets wash.
Tuesday, April 7
South Side Road Loop

I have been wanting to do this 60 mile road loop for a while. Its basically 20 miles of road and 40 miles of gravel and dirt. I knew I was pushing the envelop on the dirt portion being dirt. It ended up being slop but it was a good ride and I'll do it again before may.

Crossed under I90 at Petty Creek Road. The 9 mile saloon which is where I planed on filling up on water and nerd ropes was still on winter hours and I was there about an hour and a half early. Last chance for nerd ropes but the low matinance southside road was ahead.

Saturday, April 4
Spring Has Sprung

Contrary to the weather forecast (snow again), Spring has sprung.
That is dirt from Platte River kids. I took a gamble against the weatherman and won. The prize, some sweet trails and no battling 40mph winds. I have to give thanks to Showen for the heads up on trail conditions.