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Wednesday, February 28
I added a few more links on the sidebar. If anybody has any suggestions for builders that should be up there feel free to suggest any and all. For all you suckas that want to lurk and not post any comments then you should just go check the link to Bob Browns Cycles lugged 29er MTB frame. That just might make you want to talk about bikes for a while.

I think that most of these builders will be attending the NAHBS. I happened to metion to chaybo several months ago that I would love to go to this thing. Looks like everything is falling into place for it to happen. We will be leaving Thursday afternoon picking another up in Idaho falls and driving straight through to Cali. I hope to bring back some good photos.
Sunday, February 25
fast s**t

i was a bit worried with the conditions hovering around freezing but the skiing was fast and fun with some manuvering around downed limbs and large pond sized semi frozen puddles and mud. DeButchie and i skiied the hiker side from the 14thst lot. maybe we'll get some more snow for some monday night ski action.
Thursday, February 22
Saw a little dirt the other day

Tuesday, February 20
Cherry Orchard Loop
We also hit a group ride on Sunday after noon. There were six in the group that went out and did some climbing in the Valley. We added this little loop before we headed back into town. The loop itself was only 4 miles we rode it in the counter clockwise direction and the entire back half was a darn good climb. I didn't bring a camera so here is a little google earth action for all the map geeks.
Hello blogladites......

Chaybo and I went to see Glenn Kotche last Saturday at a place called The Loft. Kotche is a very talented drummer. He did his entire set as a solo on the drums. It was very interesting how he would lay down a beat and the use that loop as part of the song. Then he would play another part of the song on the bells or another part of his kit.

While I personally apprectiated the amout of skill that it took to arrange some of the songs that he played, I found some of the music a little to exploritory for my taste. He played an hour between to other local bands so all and all it was a good night filled with live music.

There is this cowboy dive bar across the street from The Loft called The Oxford. It is the only bar that I have walked in Montana where the first person on the first stool in the bar I new from Nebraska. So it has to be a purdy good place right! We had breakfast there and started the trek home.
This is pic of a scooter in a pawn shop window. I took it because Tara digs Honda scooters and this one was about as bitchin as a scooter can get!

Some pics of Glenn's drums and other crazy stuff.

And Finally a pic of from the crapper at The Oxford. Yup boys and girls thats real powder soap like they had back at Lefler Jr. High back in the 8 9 not like the lotion soap that the pansies from Irivng and goodrich used.

Sunday, February 18
Anybody else notice

Some new threads around here?
Thursday, February 8
Brainard Lake Ski.

Got up there at 8 in the am, first person. Spectacular morning under the divide.
Saturday, February 3
My big mp3 player's volume button decided to quit working a couple years ago, and I shelved it. I finally decided to tear into it, found the button bending away from the circuit board, went and bought a soldering iron, and got after it.
After a few botched attempts, it's up and running again, only more better.

Friday, February 2
dirt roads

and you thought Skalkaho HWY was sketchy.
More colder

Yesterday, made it up to the Sourdough Trail for some skiing. It took my fingers 20 minutes to warm up. It was worth it. Fresh ski tracks for the ultimate in my skiiing pleasure.