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Hello blogladites......

Chaybo and I went to see Glenn Kotche last Saturday at a place called The Loft. Kotche is a very talented drummer. He did his entire set as a solo on the drums. It was very interesting how he would lay down a beat and the use that loop as part of the song. Then he would play another part of the song on the bells or another part of his kit.

While I personally apprectiated the amout of skill that it took to arrange some of the songs that he played, I found some of the music a little to exploritory for my taste. He played an hour between to other local bands so all and all it was a good night filled with live music.

There is this cowboy dive bar across the street from The Loft called The Oxford. It is the only bar that I have walked in Montana where the first person on the first stool in the bar I new from Nebraska. So it has to be a purdy good place right! We had breakfast there and started the trek home.
This is pic of a scooter in a pawn shop window. I took it because Tara digs Honda scooters and this one was about as bitchin as a scooter can get!

Some pics of Glenn's drums and other crazy stuff.

And Finally a pic of from the crapper at The Oxford. Yup boys and girls thats real powder soap like they had back at Lefler Jr. High back in the 8 9 not like the lotion soap that the pansies from Irivng and goodrich used.

Blogger redstone said...
Sounds like a night o fun. How much for that Trail 90? Those things are getting collectible and that one in particular looks to be in fantastic shape!

Blogger Chaybo said...
uuuuu, i just remembered that i forgot to wash my hands.

Blogger Jesse Parker said...
did you have brains and eggs at the oxford?

Blogger bdiddy said...
No way!

Scrammbled eggs, hashbrowns, sausage and a Kokanee.

Thats supposed to be the specilty there. Chaybo says you can't go wrong with the chicken fried steak.