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we like bikes!
Thursday, April 26
Wills, hope this message gets to you before you start riding around Iowa: Have fun, and remember that life's easier with some gears. And a freewheel. And sometimes, a juicy steak. Can't wait to hear all about it, again.
Wednesday, April 25
The softer side of BC

Monday, April 23
Lumfest Part Duex
Finally slightly recovered after a weekends worth of bike riding, lum eating, and beer drinking. Just be cautious not to mix the last two of this combination together at once as our fine host Bret did with his own Malt Lum concoction. The riding over in Pipestone was as good as i had heard and the slabs of rock allowed for mucho creativity on the line selection. Mostly an ORV recreation center, the trails over here were flowing single and double track. Good times for sure.

Sunday, April 22
Happy Earth Day!

Dave and I got out early today for a nice little trip around Coulson. Most most excellent. Happy Earth day from Colorado!
Friday, April 13
Y'all are invited

Homey ride on Sunday, as usual. Hope to see lots of you guys out!
Wednesday, April 11
Easter Weekend
more kid pics since it's been the theme lately. Tre and i took the kids to the Oregon coast this past weekend, did the drive along the Columbia river....simply spectacular on so many different fronts. Kick A$$ small towns, fantastic beaches, good sea food, and good beer too. Here's a few pics from the trip' lost in a trance, pic #2 Seaside OR, pic#3 Tillamook OR

Just what I needed
After a ton of packages for the creature that deprives me of all sleep, I fiinally got a little something I could use. My wife tolerated the wrapping paper, my mother in law, not so much!

From Adam, who's now working at the Pike Street beer making place.
Wednesday, April 4
Here she is: Maysa Noor. Born yesterday 4/3/7 at 12:29, 7lbs 13 ozs, 21 inches. She had a bit of a rough start, but she's doing fantastic now, as is Zana. We're so happy!

Can't wait for everyone to meet her!