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Sunday, July 31

We made it! 162 Miles North to Ponca State Park on gravel.

Check out the Lone Ranger and Silver cookie jar right above ricks head!

Route detour at the Dead Timber state rec area. The bridge was out going across the Elkorn river.
615 minutes later.
Me: 3
Laramie: 1

I'm still ahead.

Friday, July 29
Boing-Boing .... in White !!
Thursday, July 28
It’s on like Donkey Kong!
tech time

i know lots of you fellers out there own or have owned or ridden the licensed design Maverick , whats your opinion of the suspension design and how do you think it compares to others ?
Tuesday, July 26
Good Problem

Happened across kw's blog today. Had to link him because he's down with the master plan. He mentioned Robert Randolph and the family band in his post and I thought I would share some pics from the show that i went to at the beginning of July. I didn't know that Harrah's had an outdoor venue like this! It was cheap $12 bring your lawn chair and catch the show. The chair is optional because this band will have you out seat and shaking your ass!

Song 1

This song is off of unclassified. Thats the Bass player singing!

Song 2

Song 2 is from an album called THE WORD calaboration between the North missippi allstars, John Medeski, and Robert Randolph.

Monday, July 25

Who threw the water? Fess up!

Showin looks like he is right at home carrying kegs!

Whoa save some for somebody else!

wow fellas...this single speedin stuff is sooooo fun !
Lincoln To Ponca Epic!

Here is a pic from the Lincoln to Indian Cave ride a few of us did last year around this time! Welp like MW said in the comments of the previous post we are planning to ride FROM LINCOLN TO PONCA STATE PARK ! This is the plan Leave Saturday in the wee hours of the morning 3 a.m. and head North parallel to HWY 77. The weather is suppose to be a little cooler and with the tailwind we should cruise into the park between 12 and 14 hours UGGGGh! We have two riders with GPS going so we shouldn't get lost. I'm going to try and route around any water crossing structures like the one pictured above:) Right now the list of riders are bdiddy,MW,JP,Wolfman,Bigmech,JRA. The only thing that is in limbo and could hold the trip up are shuttle rides! Yup we will need rides home what a bunch of slackers i know. If your interested in doing the ride get a hold of me I'll fill you in on the details. If your going up to Pre ride the race course or if your interest in going up to camp and need to follow someone up there and have an open seat in your vechicle to haul one of back get a hold of me.
just wanted to wish everyone a great upcoming weekend on two wheels. i am heading up to oneill to do some riding in northern nebraska and to do some recon mission for a possible ride across the state in the fall. some of you are heading to laramie,wy and others are heading up to ponca via gravel roads(damn, this one sounds epic). i cant wait to hear the stories and see the photos. good luck everyone.
Sunday, July 24
Pass. Posthole taking the lead. Good thing too, cause I felt like poo.

Wednesday, July 20
Some weeds, some hills.
One more picture from last weekend. Great ride for the wife, up Boreas Pass to the divide. Pushed her boundaries a bit, and super rewarding views.

Platte Morning
Is there any plans for a Platte River ride in the morning this coming weekend? I know of the group ride on Sunday, but is there any interest in Saturday morning?

showen headed over "the log" at lewis and clark national monument. pretty darn hot day. this was last sunday during the afternoon. these trails are hardpack and dusty. the bumps seem bumpier when its this dry here. and the heat takes the enthusiasm out of your sails for the final climb. good riding none-the-less. Posted by Picasa
Tuesday, July 19
Superdust Twins!

When these bikes are side by side the colors are pretty close. I wonder if Soulcraft and Ventana have their frames painted by the same painter?
Sunday, July 17
Ran into these Turkeys today at Platte!



Hooked up with MOD and the Omahole bunch this morning at Platte. Remember the silly rule about no bikes past Owens crossing between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Yup up and riding at the trail head at 7 am to beat the heat and the Horses. This gives 2 hours solid ride time. Cleaned up and we all sat down for breakfast buffet for like $6 at the lodge. I took a bunch of pics today. Ya know the regular deal when everyone is regrouping i sneak up trail and snap a couple shots and the jump back on the back of the group. I must be out of practice or just not feeling the camera thing because almost everything i took today was out of focus. Welp at least this shot of the Turkeys MG and i saw before the ride turned out!

I abducted Rokke and tortured him on some Breck trails. Looking up Little French Gulch here. Let this be a lesson to you Kneebraskans: if you come looking for a ride, we'll go on a ride! Three and a half hours ride time, 31 miles, 3900 feet of climbing, and mmm mmm good.

"If we had that lift kit I was talking about we wouldn't have hit that rock."
Friday, July 15
From the cabin outside Leadville.

Yep, it was good!
Road Riding

Independence pass last weekend. We had to turn around due to weather, but it was a sweet ride, even for pavement.
Thursday, July 14

ok. update on my project. this is one of the chassis (box) for my Digital to Analog Converter (or dac). there is another box for the power supply for this unit. i had dm cut the individual pieces and he showed me how to bend the angles on a big old hydraulic bending thang. you can see on this side of the box the two rca outputs for left and right channel analog signal. now i have to mount all the other shit, finish building some power cords, do the internal wiring and pray like a m.f. when i fire it up for the first time... Posted by Picasa
well, the top will not be attending laramie. i have had some bills come up and i have to opt out. i will be heading to northern nebraska to do some recon on hwy 20 around the oneill area. i want to ride across nebr on hwy 20 sometime soon. i wont be sending any photo's, but i can definitely type something up. good luck to all who attend laramie.
Monday, July 11
Hardest ride I've ever done
Just got back from a major deathmarch. I've been eyeballing a loop on the map for few years now. Finally got a chance to ride it today with Lyons Chad. I'm glad we hit it but I won't ride it again. Here's the stats:

35 miles (all but 3 were raw, unmaintained singletrack)
4200' elevation gain
GPS reads 7.75 hours spent moving.
Car door to car door time was 10 hours.
many, many, many miles hiked.

We parked the Jeep just on the East side of Jones Pass. We had to hike up thru the snow to get over the pass, then a 2k' descent (jeep road) on the other side. We started our 26 mile loop there. It was a bitch. Amazing, awesome, spectacular scenery, though. Elevation gain and mileage doesn't include going back up to the top of Jones Pass. We hitched a ride on a pickup with some Denver Water Board workers that have a cabin at the bottom. So tired I could barely ride granny gear on level terrain. Chad was ready to throw up at any minute. I'm going to bed now. I'll have pics soon.
Thursday, July 7
Click the link.

Former Schwinn shop turned crazy museum of new super old parts.
Tuesday, July 5

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We were able to attend a private fireworks show, about an hour long on this guys lawn. He could have used a punk, a lighter, a cigar or ciagette to light the fireworks, but when you've got a torch lying around, that's what you use.
Monday, July 4

riding ...looking out at the Selway/Bitteroot National Forest.

riding up into giant sized high alpine meadows.
Sunday, July 3
Seattle Intl Beer Fest

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Or, the Fist O Beers.


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Aftermath of Fist O Beers.