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Thursday, July 14

ok. update on my project. this is one of the chassis (box) for my Digital to Analog Converter (or dac). there is another box for the power supply for this unit. i had dm cut the individual pieces and he showed me how to bend the angles on a big old hydraulic bending thang. you can see on this side of the box the two rca outputs for left and right channel analog signal. now i have to mount all the other shit, finish building some power cords, do the internal wiring and pray like a m.f. when i fire it up for the first time... Posted by Picasa
Blogger John Jr. said...
Maybe you should design my 'cross medals for Dan this season.

Blogger mw said...
maybe we should talk about that jr.

Blogger debaser said...
How about the 8 track player in the Jeep? Could you work on that? How about the 25 year old reciever I've got?

Cool to see this stuff. Next time I'm through I'll be demanding a demonstration.

Blogger mw said...
you don't have an 8-track in the jeep!!! i could grab my parents copy of the muppet movie soundtrack if you did tho.

i'd be happy to provide a demonstation if your passing thru. that assumes i can actually finish this task.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
To much brain power for me.

Jay Thomas

Blogger mw said...
use it or lose it jt. you obviously have some brain power at work to keep the kingdom afloat.

Blogger 3p0 said...
subdue that brain power when your in France jay. have a bottle of wine on the road for me when your there.

I can get you some stealy dan and some eagles, and neil diamond the next time i'm at my folks,

we gotta talk,
i'll let you borrow the power tools any time, I need some home theater advise next time your available, have to make sure my wife is at home so you can talk
"sterio" stuff with her.

we just need help making everything we have work together better than it does now.

it's all above my head.

stupid sound stuff.

Blogger mw said...
anytime cvo. plus i need to play nice because i need your chopsaw for my bathroom floor project. which should be coming up in the next few weeks.

got my 2nd chassis put together last night. its so sweet to be building this stuff from scratch (mostly). its a bit like walking thru the dark in a house you don't know but i'm learning alot.

Blogger MOD said...
That's some goooood loookin' stuff.

You been workin' on that stuff forever. I remember you showing me what I think was probably your first speaker project when you lived on 27th. good stuff.

Blogger mw said...
i still have the speakers and it was 33rd that i was living on you darn omaha-person.

projects are good.

Blogger MOD said...
Hell no it wasn't 33rd, oh wait, yeah it was 33rd. Son of bitch my mememory is starting to go. Yeah, yeah, the place with the big glass front door. Like I said, uh, when you lived on 33rd!

Blogger mw said...
that big glass door had a sweet mural of some sort of godess of harvest of some shit. then the bastards that moved in after us scrapped it off. fuckers.