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Wednesday, July 27
tech time

i know lots of you fellers out there own or have owned or ridden the licensed design Maverick , whats your opinion of the suspension design and how do you think it compares to others ?
Blogger 3p0 said...
dude, nothing compares to the love of the magic carpet.

although I'll bet the Talis has a lot to do with my love affair.

Climbs really nice outa the saddle,

but it's the only full suspension bike i've really ever ridden.

downfall on the design is front der. get yourself a friction shifter for the front end. sram high end or an old xt thumb shifter.

Blogger Chaybo said...
i noticed it climbed well outta the saddle too.... do you suppose that the leverage of a weighted saddle tends to make the suspension more active ?

this bike is using an e-type front der with dual control shifted well for me, but holy crud there sure isn't much room for error down there.

Blogger Chaybo said...
has your bike required much maintenece ?

Blogger mw said...
i've seen the pivots come loose on some and not on others. maybe it depends on use. gersib had pretty good luck with his and so did jesse but they did require periodic bolt checking. but what's new about that?

the suspension is certainly affected by how much weight is on the rear end. but this is true of most designs. this one however, is purpose built to climb better. if you can accept that part of the design then it is for you. i'm more of a 4-bar type guy because the suspension is more the same in or out of the saddle. my tracer would climb ok once you got used to it (no mashing allowed) but it was no "race" bike like the maverick design can be...

Blogger MOD said...
My understanding is it is kind of a glorified Unified rear triangle design. When standing, your leverage arm is shortened giving it a much lower leverage ratio. When seated, the leverage arm increases giving you a higher leverage ratio which makes the shock easier to compress.

The positives, good climbing/pedaling bike and the optimized design is lighter. The negatives, not as supple while standing on descents and parts could be a bitch to find seeing how it is a integrated design. Not much modular stuff in there.

For me, single pivot with SPV style shock or 4 bar FSR (aka, horst link) bikes. Those designs will always be around.

Blogger mg said...
well, i've had two maverick rear-end bikes now, and i'll say that, without a doubt, it's the best pedaling suspension bike i've ever ridden, period.

the stiffening when you stand is highly overblown by people that haven't spent any real time on the bikes. it's hard to tell a difference at all. i also never felt the bb moving, but it did require pretty precise seat height and positioning to work optimally.

overall, it's plush over small bumps, works well over big stuff and handles great. the only downside, in my opinion, is the proprietary shock... i know several people who have had issues with their maverick shocks, and while i had great luck with maverick's warranty dept., that seems to be somewhat of the exception and not the rule.

hope this helps,

Blogger mg said...
oh, and they've fixed the front der. problems since cvo's bike was produced. my '04 palomino shifted great up front.

cheers and beers,