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Blogger bdiddy said...
Ouch! Did you take Rokke out red neckin' ?

Blogger debaser said...
I took the little lady up to Georgia Pass. I've wanted to do a bit more redneckin' with the sweet tires I put on the Jeep, and the last mile and a half up to that pass was super fun. 4wd low, 1st gear, steep sorta fun. The tires were hooking up like velcro through wet, mud, rocks, everything. Things were going well, we had almost topped out. The trail switched from one side of a fairly deep wash to the other, I made a driver error lifting the right front off the ground as the left rear was dropping into that wash - a complete loss of traction resulting in spinning wheels and a little sliding around. Got her stopped, we're basically straddling the wash, I look over the hood and realize I can just go straight, everything will be cool. Gas, then BAMMMM all movement stops. Hoooooollllyyy crap it was loud and stopped us dead in our tracks. I rolled the Jeep back, hopped out, and surveyed the damage. Nothing was leaking, and 5 minutes later we were at the top. Made it all the way down without further incident.