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Sunday, July 3
Seattle Intl Beer Fest

Originally uploaded by BryanGanzel.
Or, the Fist O Beers.

Blogger bdiddy said...
This looks like a good place to visit! What kinda beer came out of the tap with the red and black handle? Pikes street brewery? I seem to remember that they had some tastey beer when Melissa and I were bumming around pike street.

Blogger redstone said...
Beer is always tasty with Scaz and Palmer. Fun!

Blogger debaser said...
Check out the tap handle closest to the pic: Monty Python's Holy Ale. Sweet tap handle, shitty beer.

Happy 4th!

Anonymous john said...
looks like fun in the making. I just choked down a couple demi's of Frances finest blonde - Kronenborg. yuck. I was celebrating the fourth with the only american I know here. Now i got Bastille day in a week or so to prepare for. . .