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Sunday, July 17
Ran into these Turkeys today at Platte!



Hooked up with MOD and the Omahole bunch this morning at Platte. Remember the silly rule about no bikes past Owens crossing between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Yup up and riding at the trail head at 7 am to beat the heat and the Horses. This gives 2 hours solid ride time. Cleaned up and we all sat down for breakfast buffet for like $6 at the lodge. I took a bunch of pics today. Ya know the regular deal when everyone is regrouping i sneak up trail and snap a couple shots and the jump back on the back of the group. I must be out of practice or just not feeling the camera thing because almost everything i took today was out of focus. Welp at least this shot of the Turkeys MG and i saw before the ride turned out!
Blogger debaser said...
gobble gobble.

Blogger mg said...
sweet videos bdiddy. those turned out pretty darn good!


Blogger mw said...
more pictures!!!

where's the one of the superdust twins?

Blogger 3p0 said...
very nice vid's dude, very nice

Blogger Cornbread said...
Thanks for the ride home!