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Monday, July 11
Hardest ride I've ever done
Just got back from a major deathmarch. I've been eyeballing a loop on the map for few years now. Finally got a chance to ride it today with Lyons Chad. I'm glad we hit it but I won't ride it again. Here's the stats:

35 miles (all but 3 were raw, unmaintained singletrack)
4200' elevation gain
GPS reads 7.75 hours spent moving.
Car door to car door time was 10 hours.
many, many, many miles hiked.

We parked the Jeep just on the East side of Jones Pass. We had to hike up thru the snow to get over the pass, then a 2k' descent (jeep road) on the other side. We started our 26 mile loop there. It was a bitch. Amazing, awesome, spectacular scenery, though. Elevation gain and mileage doesn't include going back up to the top of Jones Pass. We hitched a ride on a pickup with some Denver Water Board workers that have a cabin at the bottom. So tired I could barely ride granny gear on level terrain. Chad was ready to throw up at any minute. I'm going to bed now. I'll have pics soon.
Blogger debaser said...
You hitched a ride? That doesn't sound like you at all. Must have been a brutal brutal day. Can't wait to see more pictures! And stories!

Blogger Chaybo said...
sounds like a bastard of a ride Davey......wish i could have been there to hold your hand and to blow your noses.

Blogger mw said...
that's the kind of shit i like. pain and lots of it. nice story dc.

Blogger mg said...
jeezus dude... just think how much bitching pablo and i would have been doing if we'd been on that ride!!

glad you survived to tell us about it.