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Tuesday, March 28
potential transiowa setup

i thought i'd try 36x17 with the bonti 1.8s. feels pretty fast. had not tried it before sunday. another plus is the mud abilities of these tires in comparison to the nanos. and mud is certainly a big potential. and a good chunk of a pound lighter. i wish the tread pattern was a bit faster/smoother.

thinking i'm going to strap my battery to the bottom of the top tube up by the headtube. i could probably strap it down below the down tube by the BB but i don't like that for weather resistance as much. and i don't love the higher mount as far as climbing a SS bike is concerned. hmm? i could always remove the battery and get it in my pack when not in use. weight is weight i guess but the pendulum effect is pretty powerful.
sunday ride

i know. overused title. sue me.

headed up to omaha to ride with mk. rode from his house to linoma to nebraski to schramm to 204th then north. man, its purdy down by the river by schramm. and 204 is a treat at its southern end. mk and i parted ways at 168th and capehart and i went into that crazy east wind all the way to the papio creek trail off capehart. i hope the east winds get worked out of the system before the end of april.
Sunday, March 26
a couple mo'

these will soon be the 6X8 trusses for the new entryway. The trusses are mortice and tendon joint with 2" oak dowels keeping them tight. No butted ends here... pretty sweet.
4 weeks and NO biking for me : (

god damn...i wanna bike so bad i can taste it. But the crunch is on and it fuckin sucks, i'm tired, the hands are sore from lifting rough cut timbers, my delirium is screwed from standing on planks 10ft above my comfort level, and then after going 8 rounds i stand here, staring at the pile of tune-ups still left to do. Am i whining yet ? But anyway....we're getting closer and i'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Last night when we finished off the last bit of siding work and laying the wire mesh waiting for mondays concrete pour...well, i sat back cracked open the kokanee and damn near had to wipe away a tear from my eye. She's look'n good boys, and soon enough we'll be sharing a cold one, exchanging cheers of bike riding and to the upcoming spring. Later
Saturday, March 25
With all the snow we got this week, I figured I head out and ski a bit. Not DH, XC.

Friday, March 24
Platte before the storm

If you could'nt tell Tara and I have finally joined the 21st century and purchased a digital camera.
Garnet Ghost Town

This picture is sweet. When the Kirks get to Montana they have to check out places like this.
Thursday, March 23
Hey, Kirkdog!

Nobody likes a quitter, quitter!

Since I heard your news has gone public, I thought I'd be the first to congratulate you, and send my condolences to Chad.

Wilderness during the sweet snowstorm
Tara's snowman!

This is a snowman that tara made! I can't tell if she used Howard sterns as a model or a picture of Mike from the '90's ?
Wednesday, March 22
Ready for the scratch and dent sale
From that last trip to Salida. Finally got around to taking a photo. It was a classic hesitation fall: I saw the line, I hesitated, I fell. An added bonus, as if first scratch on the bike wasn't enough, I racked myself so hard I could taste copper.

Sunday, March 19

This is near Mt. Evans yesterday, showshoeing for a couple hours.

Sunday, March 12
Why Lee

I finally listened to the wife and put down the bike and picked up the boots. It was a recon mission of sorts, where there's no bikes allowed, for now. I decided its time to start giving back a bit, and now I'm working with the BoulderMountainbike Alliance to try and convince the city to 1. Open existing trails in this area 2. Create more trail loops in this area. There's huge potential, and if we get half of what we're planning to ask for, I'll have twice as much dirt available for mountain bike tires an easy ride from home.

Wednesday, March 8

We went in to the hospital yesterday morning to induce labor for Mary and the baby. It seemed at the time to be a long drawn out process, but after the contractions kicked into gear, we had a new kid in no time! Allow me to introduce our newest daughter, and Zoe's little sister, Marley Allison Chase!

She was born at 3:45pm. 8lbs 12 oz (over a pound more than Z) and 21 inches long. She's healthy and all body parts are intact. Both Mary and Marley are doing exceptionally well. Hopefully, we'll be able to have the family all home from the hospital this evening. I'll update later!
Tuesday, March 7
More pics from Salida at the link. The ususal Talivan hijinx were in effect, so it was a very good time.

timber joints

tendon joints...pegged
picture share

kinda tired after an 80 hour work week, so i'll keep it short and mostly with pics. WE had a bunch of volunteers out at the barn this weekend helping out with NUMEROUS projects, with the major job of raising the celing an additional 6 ft, and taking down the old wall and installing the new timber framed support. Out with the old
Saturday, March 4
Live from Salida, CO

Fergie o' Bionicon on a little ride today.

** Update **

Here's the rest of the series from that shot: Notice the 6x6 post that he taps ever so softly. The camera was shooting about 3 shots a second, so you can guess how fast it all happened.

Wednesday, March 1
Monarch Mountain
Yep. It's good.