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Tuesday, March 28
sunday ride

i know. overused title. sue me.

headed up to omaha to ride with mk. rode from his house to linoma to nebraski to schramm to 204th then north. man, its purdy down by the river by schramm. and 204 is a treat at its southern end. mk and i parted ways at 168th and capehart and i went into that crazy east wind all the way to the papio creek trail off capehart. i hope the east winds get worked out of the system before the end of april.
Blogger Chaybo said...
damn many miles did you end up with ?

sounds like the preperation for the T-A is going well.

Good job

Blogger mw said...
not that many. i didnt really check. 50?

staring down the barrel of the TA is kinda scary when i really think about it. ridings been good and that 6hr in KC was good for my head.

Blogger 3p0 said...
dude, your gonna do fine,

it's all in your head anyway.

and nobody I know has got a better one on top of there sholders