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Tuesday, March 28
potential transiowa setup

i thought i'd try 36x17 with the bonti 1.8s. feels pretty fast. had not tried it before sunday. another plus is the mud abilities of these tires in comparison to the nanos. and mud is certainly a big potential. and a good chunk of a pound lighter. i wish the tread pattern was a bit faster/smoother.

thinking i'm going to strap my battery to the bottom of the top tube up by the headtube. i could probably strap it down below the down tube by the BB but i don't like that for weather resistance as much. and i don't love the higher mount as far as climbing a SS bike is concerned. hmm? i could always remove the battery and get it in my pack when not in use. weight is weight i guess but the pendulum effect is pretty powerful.
Blogger htop said...
i did some gravel to milford on tuesday, then some stuff around denton. i always thought sw126th was the hilliest. has anyone climbed that doozy just north of w.denton rd on sw 140th?. holly crap!!. what is the nastiest hill anyone has climbed around lancaster co?. also, any interest in a gravel race in sept?. maybe a giant square around lincoln, through a couple of towns for checkpoints.

Blogger debaser said...
Have you ridden Mill Road up near Branched Oak? Ouch dude. Ouch.

Blogger Guitar Ted said...
Try running your Bonty 1.8's on lots of pavement rides. Be steady and you will reap the benefit of ground down, but still sharp edged tread blocks that'll yeild a much faster tire for gravel ridin'. That's my secret tip for ya' Works well on my 2.2 Bonty's and even better for an Ignitor, which seems to have a harder rubber compound. Good luck, and see ya in Hawarden!