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Saturday, December 31
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! Last day of the year was as good a day as any to build and ride a new bike eh?

Everyone have an extra-safe night, and see y'all in the new year.

Friday, December 30
last chance to ride(in 05') on saturday. leave meadowlark coffee at 10am. get there earlier if you need to get your fix. gravel and maybe a little pavement. all the cool people will be there.
Wednesday, December 28
What day is it?
Here's the skinny on the Calendars. They should have been in Lincoln Thursday last week. Today I got an email saying they'll be delivered to Bdiddy's place in the next day or so. Because it's taken so long, Costco has refunded 100% of costs back to me - for product and shipping. That's zero charge for those of you who ordered them. I'm sure Bdiddy'll post when they show up. For those of you in Lincoln who ordered these, it sure would be swell if you could pass him a dollar or two so he can send a few calendars to CO and MT.
Tuesday, December 27
Stinkin' Lincoln.
First time back in 18 months? Hey, lets go for a bike ride.
Everything's muddy? Hey, lets go for a bike ride anyway. Gravel roads will do.
It's cold and it's been drizzling all day? Yep.

It was good to be back. We had a ton of fun. Probably won't stay away for another 18 months this time.

Hey, did we get those calanders yet?

Monday, December 26
jewell park

don't freak. i didn't hit the dirt trails. they were way too wet. but there is a short limestone trail that i rode up and over. what i saw of the new singletrack looked great. thanks for all the hard work up there. i did find a route from my parents house to the park. so i'll be looking forward to that when the trails eitehr dry-up or freeze. omaha drivers need to learn some courtesy. m-f-ers!!! actually it wasn't too bad. that hill from the park to bellevue blvd is a bastard.
xmas ride

with bootch. on gravel south of omaha. it was sweet. rode to nebraski on 204th. foggy as a m-f. not really, but it did obscure the top of this tower.
a couple of pics

here's a few ski pics from the weekend.

pic#1...chairlift to nowhere
picture share

ski pics from today.....with tracy and randall.
Saturday, December 24

Well, this is the reason I have been hiding it seems. Tara had our second child. And we went real traditional with the name: Brecken Levi. He was born wednesday (12/21)  Posted by Picasa
Friday, December 23
sprockets....touch my monkey.

Buchanan says..."if this doesn't raise wood....nothing will."
a little excercise

cut, chop, stack...repeat.
Wednesday, December 21
another sunset pic

from tonite
Friday Ride?
Yo! Can't wait to ride with you guys this weekend! I have an appointment of sorts on Friday that is from 1-2pm but I'm free after that. Who's game for hooking up after that for a bicycle ride? Also, I'm bringing back the mtb, but what's rideable right now?

I'll make a Sat AM ride, too. Have to be back at Mary's folks house by probably 2ish.
Shortest day of the year?
Longer days are coming! Sunset from my ride earlier.

And tomorrow we head East! Can't wait to see all y'all that are East of here.
Just got the first 2 Intense frames. Here is the 6.6. I can't wait to get it built up. Thinking of making it a relatively light all day backcountry machine with a Maveric DUC fork. 6.75 inches in the rear - yikes!
warning! old school content

check this old pic of some dirty hippie. if i remember correctly i was going off like a gun, but there was one dude in front of me. this was not a good race tactic for me. i made the top 10 i think but that was after fading pretty bad after starting too fast. i've learned since.

who else can you recog? can you guess the venue?
Monday, December 19
happy holidays
just wanted to wish anyone reading, happy holidays!!!. thanks for the tips on keeping my toes warm. i spent some time on gravel roads in northwest lancaster/seward counties on saturday. went west on branched oak road and oak grove road, running into a great area for trails, oak glenn wildlife management area, find it in your gazetteer. hope to see some of you over the holidays, the weather looks like it will be cooperating for some time on the bike.
Sunday, December 18
Sample Pack

Friday, December 16
trans iowa
missed it last year. didn't think i was ready to bite off 300+. but i rode tons of gravel last year and enjoyed every minute. i know it will be another level of pain and fatigue. i'm preparred to register tomorrow when the registration opens at 1pm our time. i've bugged a few people about it during the week. i'm ready for this adventure. wish me luck!
Thursday, December 15
Order Up!
I'm making calendars from pics posted on the blog. I emailed some folks last night to try to get the full-sized pics of a few gems we've uploaded over the year. Send them my way so I can get this done!!! fwiw, Final selections have not been made, some months are still tbd.

I'm going to place the order Saturday, so if you want one, figure ~$11 and let me know ASAP how many you want.

Sorry I'm too lazty to make a collage from May right now, but I may just get that job done by Saturday night.

hands and feet
so, i am already up to stage 6 on last years tapes of the tdf. i am getting a bad bad case of cabin fever and it looks like we might be having a true winter here. can anyone give me some advice and keeping your feet and hands warm?. do the little packets work that you can put in your shoes?. i can usually handle the lower 30's, but i want to be ready for the 20's. thanks-top
Tuesday, December 13
Jury Duty
The wife had Jury Duty all last week, and yesterday. The paper covered it today, so I thought I'd share.

Teen guilty in 'Santa' brawl

This time last year, a group dressed as Santa and his helpers got into a fight over a stolen red hat. What started with a chase and a threat to put coal in the thieves' stockings ended badly for "Santa." On Monday, a Boulder County jury convicted one of two men charged in the fight, finding him guilty of third-degree assault.
Sunday, December 11
Nebraska ride 12/23?
Anyone up for a Lincoln ride Friday 12/23? As it looks so far, Friday will be about the only day I can ride in Nebraska. We'll be in Lincoln Friday and Sat and in Omaha Sunday and Monday early. Leaving Omaha to come back to CO on 12/26 am.

Sooo, I'd love to sneak in a Friday ride (anytime, so far) and potentially some hanging out or beers on Friday eve? Keep me posted on what bike to bring back, too.

What's everyones plans?

Pryor died of a heart attack at his home in the San Fernando Valley sometime late Friday or early Saturday, Flyn Pryor said. He had been ill for years with multiple sclerosis, a degenerative disease of the nervous system.
Saturday, December 10
Played a good bit of the lazy stuff today, sat around and watched one of my favorite comedies of all time. If you've never sat thru the entire showing then you must, i'm friggin grinning ear to ear the entire time. I know Mic has watched it a few times. Has anyone else ever seen this classic ?

Friday, December 9
Some pictures of cars. I can't tell what's better, the cars or pictures.
Thursday, December 8

I downloaded these pics off of one of the Bianchi euro websites a long time ago. I just found them again on my computer and can't seem to find them on any of the Bianchi websites now. It sure looks like a fast bike.
Wednesday, December 7
happy bdiddy bday
Happy Day Brian. I drank a beer and stained some trim in your honor!
Tuesday, December 6
snow ridin'
Took this one Sunday super early. That's at the top of Hall Ranch looking towards Coffintop Mt. Conditions were perfect. Dry dirt in spots, but mostly 1" packed powder.
Sunday, December 4
Cold. Beer.
First Cold ride of the year today. It was almost as good as the post ride refreshments.

Saturday, December 3
Finally Played in the Snow
All that talk of xc sking in Nebraska had me convinced. Pretty good day out there, fresh show, a good view of the inversion on the way up, and some more snow. Yep.

where was everybody???

dude. this was a sweet ride. awesome conditions. there was some slipping and sliding but there also was some drifting and railing. i pinched on the way across this deal due to my stupid low pressure.
Ski Report
12/3/2005 7:06:05 AM
3 "
3 "
47 "
24 Hours:
9 "
24 Hours:
9 "
37 "
48 Hours:
23 "
48 Hours:
23 "

15 °
15 °

3" new overnight & 2" during yesterday. Cloudy skies and still snowing right now. They are predicating more snow later today. Chairs 1 & 2 & 5 today, plus Rail park today. Look for chair 4 soon!

SNOW CONDITION: (Primary / Secondary / Tertiary )
Machine Groomed

One Two Three Four Five

Opoen Thursdays thru Sundays. 9:30 to 4:00
Open For The Season
We have great snow!
Friday, December 2
So MW, your brother is a brawler. I guess that I better watch myself around you a little more.
Thursday, December 1
I got the email. Double checked, and for $11 w/tax, we could have calendars made.

snowin' here

Well... i kinda wimped out a little bit today. I was suppose to go for a ride in the snow on the bridgestone, but the lure of a warm fire and a cold beer got the better of me. Looks like it's snowing in nebraski also. Hope your ride sessions are going better than mine.