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Thursday, December 8

I downloaded these pics off of one of the Bianchi euro websites a long time ago. I just found them again on my computer and can't seem to find them on any of the Bianchi websites now. It sure looks like a fast bike.
Blogger redstone said...
Pretty. I like the logo on the bike. Kind of looks like a road bike in a low and fast kind of way.

Blogger Chaybo said...
looks fast !

Also looks a ton better than their old design, the Super G. My good buddy Kevin from KC had one of those and it was sloppy. I don't think he minded much cuz for the most part he was just riding stairs and urban with it.

The poploc switch on the handlebar can be cabled to go into the rear shock as well. And with a flip of the lever the bike would become fully rigid.

yep....she looks like a race bike to me.

Blogger mw said...
did anyone see the redline monocog 9er on mtbr? mmmm. i know i have a one track mind, so sue me!

Blogger debaser said...
Bianchi: Looks like a TNT racer X. Couldn't be all bad.

MW: Obsessed. I'll buy you the monocog if you give me pinky. I don't care that it wouldn't fit.

Blogger Chaybo said...
Sue ?? Who the hell is Sue. I'm not telling Karen, but somebody should. Mr. One track mind is thinks.

Blogger head floor sweeper said...

they don't bring any of the highend mountain bikes to the us market any longer, maybe if they toned down the Euro paintschemes the merican's would buy them.

cool bike though huh, definetly racer boy position, which would totally make my belt buckle dig into my gut.

your pal
nate "im getting fatter by the minute this winter" woodman.

Blogger mw said...
i said sue me not do me!!!

Blogger sda said...
hey, you guys leave my dog Sue out of your perv talk, alright? he's a good lil' boy.