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Saturday, December 10
Played a good bit of the lazy stuff today, sat around and watched one of my favorite comedies of all time. If you've never sat thru the entire showing then you must, i'm friggin grinning ear to ear the entire time. I know Mic has watched it a few times. Has anyone else ever seen this classic ?

Blogger redstone said...
That's a great movie. Been a looong time since I've seen it, though. Funny, and it offers interesting perspective on cultural differences.

Blogger debaser said...
Never seen that. I'll have t ocheck it out.

I'm sure anyone who saw the news heard that Richard Pryor is no more. Hear no Evil, See no Evil, especially the first part, cracks me up.

btw, Netflix is the best. Stir Crazy is next on our list.

Blogger magic said...
Interesting perspectives on cultural differences? If you count using a Coke bottle as a weapon then I can see where you are coming from. That movie is sweet.

Blogger redstone said...
That's exactly what I'm talking about magic.

Blogger mw said...
yep. great movie. the beginning is sweet because you learn all sorts of survival skills in the african desert.