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Monday, December 26
a couple of pics

here's a few ski pics from the weekend.

pic#1...chairlift to nowhere
Blogger John Parker said...
We were up there on Saturday, It was pretty fun. I got to ride the expansion for the first time. Are you going up there again this week?

Blogger Chaybo said...
the new expanse is pretty good....i've been over there about dozen times or so and i'm still finding cool stuff.

this next weekend i'm pretty sure i'll be heading up on fri. and sat.

give me a ring if you're in town.

Blogger sda said...
dude, are your heels locked down in that pic. please, say it ain't so ...

.... free your heel and your mind will follow.

Blogger Chaybo said... live in CO, and you have the front-range god-given right to be a ski snob. :)

don't worry, i've got a set of touring skis also.

but's your winter treating you so far ?