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Wednesday, December 21
Friday Ride?
Yo! Can't wait to ride with you guys this weekend! I have an appointment of sorts on Friday that is from 1-2pm but I'm free after that. Who's game for hooking up after that for a bicycle ride? Also, I'm bringing back the mtb, but what's rideable right now?

I'll make a Sat AM ride, too. Have to be back at Mary's folks house by probably 2ish.
Blogger htop said...
i dont think the trails will be rideable in the afternoon(and there is a chance of rain), so you might have to do some gravel. i get off at 230 and can be on the bike by 300, i'd like to hook up with some of you. i'll charge up the light.

Blogger mw said...
timing sounds good to me.

Blogger mg said...
that'll work perfect for me. house cleaning in the am. downtown at noon for a shot or two of holiday cheer with my department, and then to a ride. sounds good to me!

i'm down saturday morning too. let's ride!

Blogger insanet said...
I am game for Sat morning if I can find someone to watch Maddie for a few hours.

Blogger htop said...
i can do early sat. morning also. just call and give me the meeting place for friday, it will be good to ride with you guys.

Blogger sda said...
i may be in for an early sat. a.m. ride. as long as you yahoos promise that a) it'll be warm anb b) you'll wait for me when my mangina starts hurting. k?